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Here we go!  10 weeks, #2... still unsure if there are two in there.  EEK!  
FUN! I'm guessing BOY and I KNOW I will be wrong.  :)  We aren't finding out though.... so guess we'll see on his/her birthday!
When I was pregnant the first time, I always wanted to have a natural delivery but was not completely opposed to an epidural if it would keep me from having a csection. When labor came, it was exactly 5 hrs from being admitted before the little guy was born. Needless to say, I had no idea labor would go that quick!!! I would've never considered it at all if I knew it'd be so fast and easy! When I was past 7 cm I was so excited cause then it was too late for one!
Gray's Mommy:  I have a Grey too!  Except it's just Grey.  Is yours Grayson?  Anyway, beautiful name :)    
I'm going back right now to find out if I'm having twins.  First ultrasound was a week ago today, we saw 2 (2!!!!!!) heartbeats in two different places but the doc couldn't see a second baby... just a blob.  Baby was only measuring 6w6d at the time (according to lmp I should've been 9 weeks).  A second doc came in and they both scratched their heads and kept saying "hmmmm"  or "I'm not really sure".  I'm insanely sick and my stomach hurts SO bad the pain is unbearable. ...
Little kiddo or new kiddo
Congratularions!!!! I briefly skimmed through what the other women said and I don't think I saw this... Take fish oil too (with your prenatal vitamin). Spend the extra buck or two to get the kind that say "no fish burps" lol. Trust me on that one!!! Also, if u do need a pain reliever, no ibproufen. Acitemetephin (sp?) is recommended. If I were you, I'd also buy stretch mark lotion... I got the palmers brand and loved it. If i remember correctly, You'll have an appt once...
I totally remember this with my first pregnancy..... the pain I was feeling was the cyst on my ovary... the one that helps supply the placenta at first?  But this time is much worse.  I've had ovarian cysts since I was 13 so I am 100% sure this is what it is.  It really sucks though.  It's kinda scary but I know what's going on at least.
Most definitely planned!!! We wanted to start trying in march but I convinced dh it would most likely take a few cycles so we tried in feb and got pregnant right away!!!! Meant to be I suppose!!!!
I'll participate!!! iana I found out on march 3rd and I think im due the 1st too!!! I was due April 1st with my son... Something with firsts l guess!!! We"ll see though, I'm not totally sure! I'm feeling pretty stressed this week... I have had a terrible time at my job lately and started looking for another one. I had my interview and it went GREAT however I did not tell them I'm pregnant obviously so I'm worried to tell them if I do get the job. It's a store manager...
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