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I know I shouldn't be complaining because I AM pregnant and have a ton to be thankful... So consider this just grumbling not complaining I am so tired of having crazy dreams... I wake up sweating, scared and then even more scared to fall asleep again for fear of dreaming again. I dont know how I can avoid REM sleep... I don't think that's possible. Is anyone else experiencing insane dreams??? Are they even scary to you? Some are so very frightening!!! I remember when I...
That's kinda what I thought and now I'm a little nervous. Anyone else feel those cramps when bfing? I feel them sometimes..... A lot like after delivering ds.i didn't have any problems with my first pregnancy and I really don't wanna wean! 
Ok that's what I kinda thought... Sorta at-risk pregnancies because of previous pregnancies. The didn't even ask if this was my first or not. I kinda thought they'd want to check levels since I'm bfing but maybe not?
I'd shout it from the rooftops if i could right now, but dh says not yet! We had a snowboarding trip planned for a couple of days after I got my bfp so Adam was worried family would be mad at my decision to snowboard. So I'm on this trip right now and am taking today off. We are going to tell family and friends at ds's 1st bday party on march 31st. My mom is flying out for it! I'm going to buy ds a "I'm the big brother" shirt and have him open it at his party for all our...
May I ask why you have this tested? I'm not getting my first apt till 8 wks because that's the earliest the doc will see me. We don't have midwives where I live so I'm looking into traveling midwives.... Don't think they come up here (high altitude) so I will probably end up with the same delivery as last time which was just awesome (hospital).    Anyway, jus curious!
Pattimomma hello!!! Were u in April 2011 ddc or did u just pop in a lot? Either way, I remember you!!!    What effect does bfing have during pregnancy? Can someone enlighten me?
So these are funny symptoms I've had starting exactly a week ago!  I tried to ignore all of them as to not get my hopes up!   1. INSANE dreams.  So crazy I don't even want to go to bed anymore because they're so nuts and seem to last forever!  With my first babe (Grey), I only remember having crazy dreams near the end of TRI2 cause we didn't find out his gender and all my dreams were about whether he was a boy or a girl! 2. I craved a can of frosting, gross right?  I...
VERY NICE TO MEET ALL OF YOU!!!! I didn't think I'd be in a DDC so quickly!!! THIS IS EXCITING!   My name is Julie, I'm 29 and I was JUST in the APRIL 2011 DDC :)  My baby is almost a year old! He'll be 1 on March 31st... and now we're on our way to having #2 this coming November!  This was our first month TTC and lucked out I guess!  I'm very happy and super excited but my husband didn't seem as excited as I thought.  I think he thought it'd take longer to get...
Can you please change my info.... PREGGERS! I think I'd be due in November!  Thank you and I hope to see many of you in the NOVEMBER DDC!!!!!
who else here has NO idea if/when they O'd?  I hope I'm not the only one!!!! CD 26, and i've always had a good LP length.  Guess I'll wait till cd 40 to test if AF isn't here by then! Last period was 35 days  
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