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shut your wall down....  do it when you feel you're "there".  Go to your account, privacy settings, then click customize settings...  down where it says "Things others share" unclick ENABLE for wall postings.   The only way people will be able to post on your "wall" then is to comment on something you've done, like post a status, or picture or something.   You could just deactivate facebook all together for a few days and then reactivate it.  You don't lose anything,...
me too!!! every visit I've had I've told the docs I haven't felt 1 BH yet... then when she was feeling for baby she said wow that's a big one!!! Everyone told me I would feel my abs tightening up, but apparently feeling what I thought as the baby moving closer to my skin was actually the tightening?  Anyway.... funny indeed!
I had my 37 week check up today because Friday's don't usually work for me.  (I'm 37 weeks tomorrow).  I've been measuring "small" for 5 weeks now.  @ 28 weeks I measured 28cm, @ 32 weeks I measured 28cm, @ 36 weeks, I measured 32cm.  I'm now 37 and measuring 32-33cm.   I had an ultrasound @ 32 weeks and the baby measured right on target.... they were going to do another one today but either forgot or decided it wasn't necessary.  My bp @ 34weeks was too high so I had...
I'm due April 1st, but I want a March baby!  DH comes home on the 15th (after being gone 15 days) and I'm hoping it'll happen soon after he comes home.  I have no idea what to expect, it's my first.  His birthday is March 20th and I'd like that, but my guess is March 26th (don't know why, just the day I picked months ago!) 
Bummer feeling huh?  :)  I have not tried a ball... for I do not have one!  I have laid on my boppy on the bed, almost in "child's pose" in yoga to stretch out my stomach a bit, but it never seems to work!  I love that I know exactly where his/her body parts are at all times, but it's seriously beginning to hurt!  
1. DH is away until March 15th (He'll be back when I'm 37w4d) 2. I have a lot of work to finish up at work before I start my LOA 3. I'm still reading into how to get DH to bond with baby, I feel like I'll be hogging the baby a lot from breastfeeding???   That's basically it, I want the baby OUT as soon as my husband gets home!  I'm so anxious to meet him/her!!!!!!!  I'm excited for bonding time and seeing my husband with him/her!  
Anyone have any helpful tips on how to rest/relax comfortably?  My LO has his/her feet up under my 12th rib on my right side... right by the liver.  It's causing me all sorts of grief.  I'm 35w4d but my fundus measures 33cm... so I know the bugger is getting cramped in there.  Wondering if anyone has found anything that works to stay comfortable while resting? Thank you!  
35 weeks!
don't really have time to read those articles... can someone answer what happens if you test positive?
Mine is supposed to be gone March 1st-15th and I'm due April 1st.  We're not sure if that trip may be canceled or not.... either way he's flying home early if something happens!
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