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MY friend Jess on the left (30 weeks) and me on the right (33 weeks) at my shower.  Her shower was the next day!!!
You're due April 12th and your husband is leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks???? I must be an idiot then!!! My husband is leaving March 1st for 15 days and I'm due April 1st.  I'm sorry you're upset, but am I out of my mind letting my husband go so close to my due date?? 
love the names ladies!  I don't think we're 100% set on a boy's name... which is what makes me think it's a girl!  I really really really want the name Radley Grey (Rad for short...) but my husband had a good friend growing up named Brad (Bradley) who got into a lot of trouble and still doesn't have his life "back on track".  Needless to say, it bummed my husband out and he can't hear the name Rad or Radley without thinking of Brad.  Bummer.  So we've decided on Grey...
I like this question!!!!! I also have no idea what I'm having... but everytime I close my eyes and think of bringing baby home and dressing baby for the first time, etc.  It's always been a girl.  From the 3d US pic we had, I can tell you he/she has my husband's lips 100%!!!  I HOPE baby is born with dark brown hair.  I was born with bright red hair (dark blonde now).  I picture baby having a ton of dark hair.   I can't wait to see that little face and see the heels...
Consider yourself all very lucky to have MWs available where you live!  I live in the mountains in CO and we have 1 midwife (who practices from the hospital).  No homebirths up here and no birthing centers.  I would need to go to Denver for that and it's just too much of a hassle... so I will be having my baby at our lovely (and VERY EXPENSIVE) hospital which is 2 minutes from my front door.  The hospital up here will not deliver you if you're less than 36 weeks.  35w6d...
Can someone help me out here?  Anyone out there have gCloths?  I made my own gLiners by using the exact same material (or at least I thought I did??) as gDiapers uses..... however, when I tested them out with water, they don't seem to absorb very much! How frustrating.  I made 26 medium size liners and 14 smalls for the 44 bucks! I thought for sure I had done an outstanding job at recreating gLiners.   What I want to know is how quickly do you feel your gLiners...
30 weeks today!!!  
What state are you in?  I don't know the differences between states--obviously, but in Colorado you can basically deny being a juror once a year.  Reasons were like Medical, Vacation, etc. or Personal Reasons.  You were allowed to become exempt once in a 365 day period.  Do I live in a lucky state? Anyone else have that? 
my dog is a helper too!!! She lets me spoon her and I put one leg up on the side of her.  I do have a body pillow but it's so flat!!!  I don't get to sleep with her very often... mostly just naps!  She freaks in the middle of the night if she's sound asleep and you bump her.  My dog follows me all around the house, no matter where I go.  She's always done that--ever since we adopted her.  Hoping the transition to having a baby will be smooth for her. 
28w4d  guess where I work??  haha  
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