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Been completely off my rhythm with the MIL in town but made the pumpkin kibbe from Vegan Eats World a couple of weeks ago and it was fabulous.
Her parents might be able to get a lawyer and petition for guardianship. It would be easier if she was willing to sign off on it. It sounds like a psych unit from the 70s. A uti itself can make someone present as psychotic as well. Good luck.
Hi everyone!   I have been loving "Vegan Eats World" and tried its recipe to make my own seitan via steaming and just ended up with lumps of dough.  I used a steamer that fits is a smallish pot.  Maybe I needed a bigger pot?  More water?   Help!   Jennifer
As long as it's to you and not your kid, ignoring it is what I would do, too. It's all about them and their issues.
I'm a little late in the conversation, but I'm going to give my two cents. New London is definitely working on re-inventing itself and has some nice independent businesses. I might be hesitant to buy there but not rent. Waterford can be hard to find rentals but the taxes are cheap and the schools excellent. Little ones from Waterford and New London both have the option of entering the lottery for the Friendship School which is free Preschool and Kindergarten. My...
I live in SE Connecticut and am looking for any and all green energy options for my new house.  Does anybody have any recommendations?  I see Con Ed Solutions online which reports to sell Green Energy but it's a little confusing.  Does anyone use them?  Does anyone use a solar powered hot water heater?    Thanks, Jennifer
Where is this going to be? 
Kendra Becker is our Naturopath in Waterford and wonderful.  I think her fees are pretty reasonable.
Thank you!!  Any midwife recommendations for Manchester Memorial?  Is it crazy to plan on delivering at a hospital an hour from my house?
Does anyone know if any hospitals in CT offer Waterbirth?  I can't find any but someone recently insisted there were some....
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