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A group of elementary teachers have come together to speak out about Common Core. In an open letter to Bill and Melinda Gates -- whose foundation has reportedly contributed 2.3 billion to Common Core's development and implementation -- a Kindergarten teacher calls for action:   Read the rest of the letter and others on the website Teachers' Letters to Bill Gates.  What have been your experiences with Common Core?
Read more on NPR Find the Study Here What do you think of this study?
The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecologists has released new guidelines to help reduce the high rate of c-sections in the US. The guidelines encourage providers to consider a longer pushing stage (up to 3 hours), manual repositioning of the baby before/during labor and greater use of forceps/vacuum delivery when possible. From the Obstetric Care Consensus, Number 1, March 2014  Read more on the ACOG website From NPR  Read More Do you think these new...
 From Graco's Website --find more information here   Report from the The Huffington Post Read More
 Read More on Today Moms  What policies does your chid's school have about providing lunch for kids in need? 
 Read more here and here. 
Feeling undervalued as a SAHM (or SAHD?)   For 13 years Salary.com, a leading career site, has taken the time to interview thousands of parents and crunch the numbers to come up with a real world estimate for what a stay-at-home parent's work would be worth in today's market.    They've calculated estimates for women who are full-time SAHMs and those who work outside the home as well.  Do you agree with this breakdown? What would you change/add?               
 Read more at Haartz and The National What do you think?   
Really interesting article on Today Moms about how being an introverted or extroverted person influences your parenting style and the challenges you face.   Are you extroverted or introverted--do you think it makes a difference in how you parent?
The storm that froze a dozen eastern states has disrupted the national supply of donated breast milk for infants in intensive care.   The Mothers’ Milk Bank, which serves 13 western states as well as Maryland, is urging nursing moms with surplus breast milk to call 877-375-6645 or go online to http://mothersmilk.org/donate-milk/become-a-donor/ in order to increase supplies to share nationally.   Demand for donated breast milk has continued to climb for the past two...
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