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This giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered and to Babykicks and The Mindful Home for the great giveaway!!   The randomly chosen winners are listed below. Congrats!! You will all be contacted by email.    Winner of the diaper and shoes: Antonia Lafaye Winner of the washies and nursing pads: Fayebond Winner of the $15 gift certificate: bazil323
Hi @chickpea23. I am happy to accept submissions from members. Please send them to melaniem@mothering.com.    Thanks,  Melanie
 Read more and see the poll results here.  What do you think? Are women ready to have children earlier than men are?
 Read more at Smithsonian.com
 Read more This begs the question, are we doing enough to help moms with postpartum depression? 
 Read more on CNN This seems like a step in the right direction, but it still feels like we could be doing so much more. What do you think?
This giveaway has ended.   Thank you to everyone who entered--the recipes are all wonderful and we'll be publishing many in our recipes section. Thank you as well to Classic Hostess for donating such an amazing prize. They have many wonderful items so check out their site!   The randomly chosen winner is....MrsKoehn! You will be notified by email. Congrats!!!
Wow. I am LOVING all of these great recipes. Thanks everyone!   I have extended this through the weekend to give everyone one final chance to get their submissions in and will announce the winner early next week. :) 
There's still a couple of days left to enter this giveaway. If you haven't shared your recipes post them below!
Love all of these so far! Keep them coming!
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