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I moved to the southern oregon coast last year and am now looking for a good pediatric dentist for my 3 and 9 year old. We called the only ped dentist within an hour's drive and they are not taking new patients. Anyone have any recommendations for caring and gentle dentists?  We are willing to drive as far as needed to find the right one--so please tell me who you are using even if they're not in southern oregon.   Thanks!
Just pulled together some ideas for fun and safe handheld alternatives to sparklers in this article. Check it out.
Brominated vegetable oil, olestra, food coloring, BHA and BHT: sound familiar? Most of us try to avoid these types of food additives anyway, but did you know that they are banned in many other countries as not safe for human consumption?   Check out the interesting breakdown from Buzzfeed.
From CBS News: Read More   Interesting study. What do you think? 
Hello mamas!   I'm pulling together a list of great natural bug repellents for those of us who want to avoid deet (and NOT get eaten alive) this summer. :)    I asked for recommendations on our facebook page and received a bunch of different brand suggestions.   Please take a moment to vote in the poll and tell us if any of these brands have worked well for your family. If you don't see the brand you use on here please just post it in the thread. If you use...
Enter here for a chance to win some awesome natural body care products.
New York Daily News reports:     Read More   It is a little unclear from the article whether they are attempting to ban bottles or the act of bottle feeding and leaves some questions. Is taking away personal choice the best way to support breastfeeding? What about moms who pump breastmilk? Why not target formula rather than bottles?    What do you think? Is this a good way to support an increase in breastfeeding rates? 
Have you checked out the education section of Mothering--we have lots of great homeschool content on there. You can also see the most recent posts from some of our homeschooling bloggers in their profiles--Laura Grace Weldon, SantoshaMama and Savvy Homeschool Moms.:)    Also I love Laura Grace Weldon's personal blog! 
That is so sweet. I also love the beautiful images of great dads in our Father's Day contest from last year.    Here are just a couple of them:    
We are no longer accepting questions, thank to everyone who shared yours! The interview will be published very soon and I'll update this thread. 
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