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Is that one of your knitting creations in your photo? Very cute! I often wished I had a library in my house, like in the movies where they have a huge room with high ceilings and a ladder to climb up to the second lot of books...but I guess in reality it would just mean a lot more cleaning!  Better to minimise the number of books we have to store, and go to the library if we really want to look at more books.
I had a bit of an epiphany tonight because a friend showed me craft books and embroidery books she is throwing out to the op shop....eeek, two great loves of mine, craft and embroidery and my heart literally started pounding with anxiety at the sight of those books, I sooo wanted to grab the embroidery book off her pile, and run away with it. However I restrained myself, and then I thought about the reality... that I have countless books on those topics already, many of...
I have Autumn fever here too lol....just want to clear things out while the sun shines (make hay while the sun shines?) so that the house will be more liveable for winter!  
Love our Babies, thank you so much, your posts have really helped crystallise some thoughts for me.   Funny as today I was in the worst mood ever, so for some reason it made me want to declutter, I could throw all my anger into tossing stuff out! So could definitely relate to your post. I have been sick too, must be something going round here in Australia? ;) And yeah that about people dumping stuff yet judging our mess...sure reminds me of well-meaning (?) mother in...
Made progress in the bathroom cabinet today, feeling very motivated at the moment to streamline my life. :)   Tossed 42 items today 422/2014  
clothes, kitchen drawer junk, bathroom cabinet stuff, fabric scraps, kids shoes and shorts, pens, glue, pencil case, old PJ's. 378/2014
I can relate to the toiletry addiction! I have 3 bathrooms in this house....ahem, so a toiletry addiction multiplied by three, means a lot of toiletries!   However I figure that the majority have a long shelf life, so I am working my way through things bit by bit. Thing like moisturiser, scented body lotion and hand creams and perfumes seem to develop a yuck smell if kept too long, so I have been slathering the stuff on trying to use it up faster!! Think I might try...
Thanks Marina, Cynthia and kt-mommy for your advice.  Cynthia I am in Australia so unfortunately I can't use that mail preference service, sounds like a great idea though. I am currently doing a challenge where you get rid of 8 things per day, and I am finding that is helping me to start thinking of decluttering as a daily thing, and I actually look forward each day to purging!
old paints and dyes, magazines, expired medications, outdated foods, old nail polish, odds and ends, bubble bath, hair product...17 altogether 307/2014
Have joined in a March toss challenge elsewhere, to increase my motivation...so far I have tossed 84 things. 290/2014
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