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  You are doing so well Zebra!       
2 pillowcases tossed 4 scrapbooking items sold 4 magazines sold   427/2012 $359        
This really helped me last month so I am joining in again... a bit late but you know what they say...   2 pillowcases 4 scrapbooking items sold 4 magazines sold   90 to go
Well I was curious about carpet beetles after reading your post as I had no knowledge of them so I googled about them and found this link which seems to have a lot of info, it may be useful for you?   http://pestcontrolinthehome.com/carpet-beetles/how-do-you-get-carpet-beetles/
Thank you...   my arm is still pretty bruised and sore but I am keeping up the exercise at the gym with cardio, and being more careful on the stairs now too!     
I would do that too B except my DH doesn't like the light disturbing him...   Today so far:   made beds washed delicates hung out washing uploaded and tagged photos to Flickr   to do:   shower do workout buy meat parent/teacher interview collect DD shop for food for Easter weekend  
Made some progress...  
subbing too!   Organisation is my stumbling block...
Hi all.   Oki I am glad you are feeling better.   Sounds like a few of us are struggling with keeping up...including me!  I am thinking of going back to doing the Motivated Moms chore lists...but still only thinking about it...   Today so far:   made beds put towels in dryer put darks on to wash fed DS did some dusting in craft room took before photos of craft room   to do:   hang out dark clothes to dry hang out underwear wash...
Oh laohaire......my closets are a shocker too! Thank you for being brave enough to share photos of your closets.
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