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Today so far:   grocery shopped.... thank goodness that's done, such a snooze fest put groceries away entered daily comps cleaned the loo hung out delicates vacuumed hallway   to do: some decluttering cook dinner clean up
 Excellent work B.....I am inspired by your amazing efforts to try to do better, seriously!
I have actually thrown out/donated at least a couple of hundred things since I last posted here in January! Old total:  544/2013   10 random items from laundry 26 kids clothes sold 1 top of mine donating   New total:  580/2013
Hello everyone! Long time no post....really need to get things in order and I have been missing you guys and the decluttering forum.   Today I :   did a few loads of washing brought sheets in off the line stacked dishwashers grocery shopped with daughter did a spot of vacuuming unpacked a suitcase   Planning to do some clothes decluttering tomorrow.   Off to do some reading on my kindle.  
Hello everyone.       Today I need to: vacuum and mop bathroom hang out washing shops...fruit, supermarket, wine newsagent pick up DS clean downstairs read a little
I never seem to get the Me time that I crave...mainly because my DH works from home, and although there are some advantages to this, I never have the house to myself.   B I hope you are feeling better today.  Isn't it strange how we can go to bed in a good mood, and wake up in an awful one?   Today so far:   Made coffee entered daily comps opened mail   I have a LOT To do:   vacuum kitchen upstairs mop kitchen upstairs clean kitchen...
307/2013   3 lots of window art paint 2 window art books 2 Klutz books 2 cartoon drawing books large art pad 36 children's books old eye drops   344/2013
Hello everyone.  esinedeggplant I have done the 'cure' before in 20120, they didn't do it last year, but I have just signed up again, thanks for the heads up.   Finally got the washing machine installed and running!  We had to put it into the room which is actually meant to be the laundry, surprise surprise.....after DH moved all his filing cabinets and junk out of there, so at last I don't have my washing machine in the bathroom, as we have had for the last twenty...
303/2013   old suncream hat that is too big stale chocolate stale biscuits :(   307/2013
255/2013   4 old school books 4 exercise books 1 coffee plunger 3 brochures large stuffed toy 6 tubes cream/ointment 4 sachets baby lotion old container old boot polish 2 filing containers 1 folder picnic hamper Gigantic architecture calendar champagne glass book 2 plastic drink bottles lots of cobwebs one very old washing machine 2 lipsticks 3 lip balms mascara 5 old cot size mattress protectors old rubbish bin 3 baby...
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