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Aargh...what a day. The men turned up with the new machine, and after barely squeezing our old machine out the door, it turned out the new one was too big to get through the door!!  So we are going to have to put our washing machine in a different room, which means we have spent all day rearranging stuff and throwing stuff out, to put this machine somewhere, which is currently sitting in front of the front door, in a box so big we can barely inch past it to get in. 
219/2013   7 paint pallettes 7 old or empty bottles perfume 4 old bottles after shave deodorant night cream old dishbrush lip balm lipcote stuff expired asthma puffer 3 plastic scoops swimming pool water gun 2 plastic combs 2 toothbrushes pirate moneybox bra bath crystals suncream   255/2013
Welcome to all newbies, and hello to all oldies...well not literally.   I am so exhausted tonight as I spend the last 6 hours straight cleaning and decluttering my laundry/bathroom (it is combined), as we are getting a new washing machine tomorrow!!     Just had to write down that I had accomplished this job. 
178/2013   10 magazines tub full of pens 2 wooden massagers 2 books 7 old rulers pencil case V Tech kids computer spy set kids novelty pen 5 random small toys 2  comic books notepad 2 bras 2 tops shorts 2 hats   219/2013
85/2013   13 old hats 35 magazines 30 random things 5 shopping bags toy 3 notebooks address book birthday book pile of cards 2 x 2012 calendars diary   178/2013
40/2013   15 magazines paint sponge brush 6 soft toys action figure paddlepop craft 3 bits junk another old bra skeleton toy 5 broken xmas decorations old santa hat 4 random plastic xmas tree branches 2 jigsaw puzzles backpack tupperware container minus lid broken plastic container oil burner   85/2013
P.S. What is Neosporin?     (Clueless Aussie here....)   Guessing it's antibiotics of some sort?
Subbing for the third year in a row....didn't reach my goal in 2012, but I aim to make a more concerted effort this year.  It will be harder this time as most things I need to get rid of are 'good' things which are not to be binned but donated.   Tossed today   pile of old recipes 22 magazines 10 random things from drawer 7 old bras   40/2013
Happy New Year everyone....  I have great hopes for this year.....     Today so far:   made bed brought in washing     to do:   load of washing dress to go to family get together pack food to take survive family get together
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