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Broken kids chair outdated sunscreen pump pack 12 miscellaneous frozen ephemera 5 ribbons top shorts     863/2012 $551
Hi all.   Isafrench your hair looks lovely, so healthy!   Today I:   made beds washed clothes hung to dry vacuumed half the house enlisted son to vacuum another quarter of house! entered comps cleaned out freezer door   to do:   shower vacuum another room another load in to wash declutter read some
14 magazines lipgloss 9 huge kids books 4 scarves 6 tops jeans hat   842/2012 $551
Minnie mouse costume sold! dish brush tossed toilet brush tossed 2 handbags 4 shopping totes pajama top purse bracelet running shoes t shirt calendar backpack     786/2012 $551
Hi everyone.   Been slacking here majorly too Okimom....mainly due to just so much going on!  just trying to check in when I can.   Olive picking...that sounds delightful.   Done this morning:   made beds washed sheets washed delicates hung out 2 loads emptied upstrs dishwasher got DS to school photographed books for sale   To do:   grocery shop dry sheets make bed wipe down dining table empty dstrs dishwasher list books on...
60 magazines 3 old pencil cases 2 broken pegs craft item old running shoes 2 large kids art books donating     771/2012 $527
Hello everyone. I've have got out of my good cleaning habits, so going to try harder. Got a lot of cleaning done today as we needed to move a desk into DS's room, out of my oldest daughter's room because she is getting a double bed. Times they are a changing!   Off to do a decluttering session now in my room.
old masking fluid     702/2012 $527
Love it!   Well my excuse is I have had the flu for the last few weeks, so haven't had any energy to bother.   But I am trying to keep going with the basics.
Congratulations dantesmama, and congratulations B on your giftcard!   Done so far:   emptied dishwasher coffee folded towels got DS off to school sheets in wash beds made tidied dds room     to do:   finish emptying dstrs dishwasher wrap presents vacuum lounge dust lounge dry sheets make bed write shopping list check emails enter comps shower gym buy food get scripts physio appt declutter finish cards...ugh...
New Posts  All Forums: