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Oh dear my last post here was 2 months ago...need to step this up a bit!   Have thrown out a fair bit this week:   30 magazines 50 clothes items     701/2012 $527
Hi everyone!  Saturday morning here, but DH has to work so it feels like just another day.   Thanks Poetry, I'm feeling better.     Done so far:   coffee breakfast emptied d'washer stripped sheets off DDs bed put in wash collected dirty laundry hung out gym gear   to do:   shower go to gym? really need to get back into exercising! buy qualifiers enter comps dry sheets make bed vacuum DD's room under bed dust DD's room...
Hi Poetry!   Done so far:   tried to get DS to go to school...failed laundry coffee made breakfast   To do:   make card for D make card for L wrap presents vacuum and dust lounge room try to get rid of this headache consider cooking something?
hope you get nothing else done B.     Done so far:   stripped sheets off DS's bed put towels on to wash breakfast made beds cancelled appt emptied upstr d/wsher     to do:   make card for D make card for H make card for J make card for L empty dstr d/wsher clean kitchen sink dstr possibly go to shops dry towels wash sheets dry sheets make DS bed use leftovers for lunch give DS iron put quilt away   phew! that's...
Hello.   Done so far:   made beds made coffee breakfast quick clean of computer desk cleaned coffee machine   to do:   vacuuming move some junk from my room store things ring my mother eye doctor this afternoon shop for food emails
Oh I definitely agree tonttu!  The other day I was feeling so overwhelmed with what I needed to do, but writing it down got my head so much clearer..   Done so far:   breakfast coffee beds made appointments   to do:   bring washing in off line strip sheets off DD's bed air quilt and blanket change sheets fold clothes empty d'strs dishwasher vacuum upstairs take DS to doctor this afternoon get DD's script enter some...
Hello everyone...way behind with everything so jumping back in here.   Done:   cleaned 3 toilets cleaned bathroom sink cleaned shower emptied two dishwashers made beds folded towels washed 3 loads hung out two   to do:   dry sheets wash delicates hang out shower eat yoghurt! clean bathtub vacuum downstairs make dinner
Thanks everyone! We had a rough couple of weeks and she even fainted in the shower once she got home, but she is much better now! Thank goodness as she has exams coming up soon at school.   Today so far:   made beds washing in machine   to do:   shop for food unpack food have lunch hang out clothes prepare dinner sweep kitchen vacuum chase up emails need to reply make thank you cards to send
Hello!    It's been a bad week here, my daughter had her tonsils out on Tuesday and then had cardiac complications. We brought her home yesterday but she got sick in the night so my husband took her to the ER and they have put a canula in and trying to rehydrate her as well as changing the painkillers she was on which she may have had a bad reaction to.   So I have done very little round here.  My husband is still with her at the hospital so I am home looking...
Hello everyone...I really need to get back here and get some semblance of order in my house again. I realised last night that if someone was going to come in and assess the house on cleanliness I would have got an epic fail!   So today I have done:   vacuumed up and downstairs vacuumed staircase mopped up and downstairs washed one load and hung out to dry dusted and vacuumed DD's room
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