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no.8 candle artificial flower kids necklace 2 pairs sunglasses papier mache container hand cream     621/2012 $527
3 kids tops sold 5 old uniform items donated to school wooden craft unfinished item pyjama pants summer dress Mr Bean clock 2 perfume bottles pen 16 socks packaging winter top dress PJ top repurposed 3 old towels     615/2012 $527
Anyone can join at any time...welcome!
10 expired food items   577/2012 $503
2 kids tracksuits 2 boys jeans sold 2 kids jackets sold jumper     567/2012 $503
Oh Oki must admit I have a few tears thinking of the poor doggy....so glad he ended up in your backyard!   I am sick this week so not bothering with much round the house.
40 magazines perfume gone off watch no longer worn     560/2012 $458
herb pillow drawer sachet 2 pens receipts and bits of paper catalogue   518/2012 $458
Oki that's really nice to read that you have good memories of time with your grandma, and you too B that your daughter spends time with hers.  I never had time with grandparents, and my kids don't have a very close relationship with theirs either unfortunately.  But I am really hoping that I can be a good grandma one day if I have grandchildren.   So far today:   Made beds emptied upstairs dishwasher made breakfast washed 2 loads hung out...
New Posts  All Forums: