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Glad everything is ok! Maybe this all means baby will be here soon?! Hopefully!!
Hope it's nothing too serious! Good luck momma. Hope everything turns out ok!
BEAUTIFUL story!!! Just goes to show that with a little self-reassurance a woman can accomplish ALOT when it comes to child birth! I remember doing the same thing when I was in my 'zen zone'..repeating that this is the pain that's going to get my babe into my arms, it doesn't get any worse than this! You did an awesome job, Hats off to you! Hope your enjoying your babymoon!!
Quote: Originally Posted by BettinaAuSucre yay!! cant wait to see it Mittens! i am trying to guage my ears to 2G, at most 0G. Right now i have tapers in at 8G. They ache but i am careful to keep them clean. I went from a 14G to an 8G which is a big jump, and i am worried i will cause issues for myself by going to quickly. Not to mention I have heard warnings against wearing tapers all day long. I dont have any 8G jewelry right now so I would have to go...
Another Burt's Bees fan here! I use it on my babes as well as myself. I LOVE the buttermilk baby lotion. It is extra light and absorbs into the skin very well and quick. In the winter, when my skin gets super dry, I use the milk and honey lotion. You don't need too much either. As for the oils, I like the apricot one too but since I became preggo (for the 3rd time) I tried the mama bee nourishing body oil and fell in love!! It's got vitamin E, almond, & lemon oils in it as...
Your one of the few lucky ones to have such a fast labor with your first, Good for you! Congrats on your new little family member! Hopefully your enjoying your babymoon.
Yes lots of watermelon (in my case fresh pineapples too)! Up your water intake and try and relax with your feet elevated just above your heart for a bit. I usually lay on the couch and put the cushions under my legs to get instant relief (not flat on your back though). You can also try and cut back on your salt intake. With all 3 pregnancies I cut back and it really does help. I get swelling really bad at the end of my pregnancy (um..like NOW..lol) and all these things...
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