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My DDs are 21 months apart. I did the moby on the front for DD2 and 4th Gen Beco on the back for DD1. It was a lifesaver at the "witching hour" before Dad came home. Although I spent much one-on-one time with DD1 while wearing DD2, DD1 still felt jealous of all the babywearing, I think, and needed that extra closeness. I only needed to do it a few times during the 3-month transition period. Congratulations!
Anyone interested in forming a Salt Lake City preschool coop? Here is what I am wanting: - A small group of 3-5 year olds, maybe about 5 total? And any younger siblings if needed. - Meet for a few hours (9:30 to 12:30?) once a week at either my home or rotating homes. I live in East Millcreek Area. - Two moms always stay to guide the children. Take turns guiding; one mom is main teacher; second mom is helper and/or baby distraction. Of course all moms can stay too;...
Hi Mamas, I'm relatively new to SLC, and just moved to the East Millcreek area (specifically, east of Wasatch). I really want to find a few playmates for my eldest DD (3 years old). Does anyone here have kiddos of similar ages and would like to get together? Any existing playgroups that you would recommend? TIA, Mel
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