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Marshalls and TJMaxx have good sales now,,,I got some carters sets 3$ each, it will be good next spring,,,,sleeping gowns 2 for 5$,,,but thats it I got, leaving shopping for the last months, now looking for travel system, its a big head ache,,,I like Saunter Luxe Travel System - Rose Hill (SAFETY 1ST) but can't find any reviews,,,
I think I like this travel system but cant find any reviews,,,maybe anyone checked it out and has some feedback? Thanks
Could they happen so early?   The only discomfort I feel if I turn around quikly while in bed,,,It feels like cramp in bottom of my belly but I think thats something different,,,   Yesturday I went to look around for cribs and travel systems,,,   Does anyone know anything about this one http://www.target.com/Eddie-Bauer-Trailmaker-Travel-System/dp/B003IW087M/ref=sc_qi_detaillink I like collors, don't want any green/ pink stuff but am not sure what would be...
Hi everybody!   Could you tell what is BH???I read somewhere but want to know from real people :)   Am 15 weeks and still don't feel anything,,,just little bump getting bigger.   Its our first so we have to buy everything,,,I stated look around for cribs and traveling systems,,,any advice?
I found couple good lists,,,one in baby magazine, another one at parents.com I think I will follow them,,,don't have to much space at home and don't even want baby shower,,,I think i will figure out what do I need after baby is born. Right now looking for crib and traveling system,,,Thinking about Graco Lauren 4-1
Am not ready for baby shopping yet, but when I will I will do it in Marshalls/TJMaxx,,,they constantly have something good on clearance rack (I got stuff for all bunch of my girlfriends when they started having babies all at the same time :))   Wendizbaby, how far you are if you already need maternety undies? I am perfectly fine in my regular panties (only thing I wear is tongs),,,
jenninejesica I read a lot of girls get that potato craving during pregnancy,,,on other hand I read somewhere its recommended to eat starchy foods,,,I have no cravings at all so far, just don't want anything fat,,,
Hi,,,am still fighting the cold or what it is,,,now my nose got so congested I cant breath true one side. When this all will end?? I never had family doc and now try to find one,,,called several places and they either don't take new patiens or have openings for July,,,   I probably will have DH family come over next week for his birthday party,,,I don't have big bump or any other symptoms yet but old good aunties eye may notice something,,,I guess I will go with the...
Im taking Rainbow Light too...could you please give site where you find this info? I didn't find anything when I was googling,,,   http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/nutrientsvitaminspregnancy.html I found this very helpfull
Hey girls,,,,I was oppening mothering.com and thinking how come we don't one tread just to chat about our daily problems,,,Good to find one!   I will have my next us on 23th and then 1st trimester screening on 31st,,,,I already saw my baby when I was 7 weeks since I got preg w IUI,,,so three US for me it sounds a lot,,,   I got bad cold and I thing now am getting pregnancy alergies,,,not fun at all,,,   Karmamaa yesterday I read that little siblings should be...
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