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It's times like these when I really wish I used online charts, and not my paper ones. :-P So, DH and I are TTC#1, I have PCOS, and am on Metformin and Synthroid (subclinical hypothyroidism); I did 60mg soy iso. CD 3-7 this month (2nd attempt with soy, the first one yielded a textbook normal, ovulatory cycle). My temps looked fine, averaging 97.65 from menses to EWCM CM. My CP started changing the 4th day of lotion CM, to soft and open the two days I had EWCM. The,...
I, like you, don't drink much anyway, but I "quit" drinking when we quit preventing. I still try what others are drinking though. I don't take OTC meds unless I'm completely and utterly ready to give up, so I'm not much help in that department. I pretty much behave as if I were I'm preggo just in case I am... --Rainy
Blanca - My FB-addiction makes me want to click "LIKE" under your post... But YAY!!!!! SO Exciting! Hopefully this is the start of a trend for this thread!! --Rainy
I think I remember being so hopeful for AF in middle school... just waiting for her first visit..... and now, she just ticks me off! I think I stressed myself out last cycle, ended up with a 22 day anovulatory cycle . I was just SO excited that I had a pretty chart the cycle before, and then all the BFPs I've heard about IRL, but AF's back, I'm trying not to stress, and just seeing what happens... again. Hopin' for a great round of good luck (sticky BFPs!!!) for...
Hmmm... I thought metformin was for treating IR in PCOS patients, so if your GTT insulin levels were normal, I'm wondering what else it does, since you were on it for a bit. When I was on the regular met - I was HORRIBLY ill, but seriously, the DAY I started the extended release version, all the ill feelings went away. I've heard that other places (which is why I stuck out that one month of illness...) too (I think soulcysters). If I remember right, having IR...
I had really bad GI reactions to metformin when I first started it, but I am/was SO intent on reversing the problems PCOS causes, I stuck with it for a month (omg, everyone thought I was preggo 'cause I was so sick!) and asked for the extended release version - and I now have NO side effects from the metformin. Defining treatment of PCOS is difficult - it depends on what your goals are. I'm TTC, so I'm trying to make sure that my fertility cycle is restored to proper...
I'm curious too! I am trying the OTC "natural" progesterone cream, but I don't think that's really gonna make any difference... such a small dose... I think it's for my mental health Rainy
I'm gonna second Texaspeach on this one; your 6 pre-spike/shift temps put your coverline waytooclose to the post-spike/shift temps. You said you were roughin' it when you thought you were gonna O... perhaps that's enough stress on your cycle for it to back off and try again several days later My vote (a rather hopeful one) is that you're going to O soon, or just have (based on the fact that you didn't put in the most recent info. Good luck!!!! Rainy
Kyamo - FWIW, a friend of mine is preggo and she DILIGENTLY tried OPKs and NEVER got a positive. The cycle she BFPd, she even tried one of the fertility monitors and never got a result.... Good Luck!!!
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