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I haven't watched it all yet but as for the Amber/Gary thing...she is very high strung and does make a big deal about everything. But Gary....why wasn't he ready to take his child when she was ON HER WAY TO WORK. It's like he was trying to make her late. That was very insensitive of him.
My ds was able to be unsupervised last year when he was 6. It is still hard for me to do but I have to be strong and not hover too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by magstphil The sad thing is they felt the only way to stop the vicious cycle was to give their baby up. She is not going to disappear from their life. They will still have contact, letters, cards, pictures, etc. I'm sure they will even be invited to b-day parties. That little girl is going to have a wonderful life. The adoptive couple have been blessed beyond their wildest dreams.
Caitlyn was very strong and I admire her. These two kids showed more maturity than most adults I know.
I saw the pilot. I liked it ok. It will take me a couple episodes to figure out if I love it or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaBug I saw one episode a while ago and honestly there is no way kids change their behavior after only one week working on a farm....I don't buy it. Yeah, I'd like to see updates about the kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by samstress i was so sure adam was going to get busted today and then i realized they drag these things out forever. What is up with Adam? Why is he doing this? Quote: Originally Posted by samstress anyone else find cane and lily absolutely nauseating? YES! I usually fast forward through their parts.
These ladies are my favorite housewives so far. Love them! Danielle - I agree with everything that has been said about her. She is weird. Caroline - She is my absolute favorite!! Dina - She seems really mean and stuck up. Not sure if its justified in regards to Danielle but hopefully we will find out what is going on there. Teresa - That woman is just too much. She is so over the top but sweet and funny. Jacqueline - Really down to earth and nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by mandib50 apparently cane is setting up lily from what i've read and somehow philip chancelor is involved. billy and chloe don't have any chemistry, but neither does the new mac and billy. i find the friendship between daniel/amber/kevin/jenna odd. i almost expect them to switch partners sometimes! Oh no! Not Cane! I thought he was a good guy. I didn't like the way he treated Amber when they broke up but I...
What is up with Cane and that weird phone call he made before the wedding? Is he a fake? I'm getting a bad vibe from him all of a sudden.
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