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I bought this little plant today... but when I got home and googled the name on the label, I realized it was labeled incorrectly. I don't know what this is or how to take care of it! It looks like ivy to me, but I really don't know much about plants. Help?  
We canceled our cable today. It's a great feeling! I've never liked how we seemed to have the TV on constantly - my husband would turn it on as soon as he woke up or came home, it was always on in the background. Even if there was nothing anyone was interested in watching, it would still be on just for the sake of it. We often argued about it. But money has been tight recently, and we needed to cut costs. Canceling cable is giving us back almost $100 a month! I'm not...
  That is exactly how I felt. I put so much effort into preparing for the birth, and was totally confident I could do it naturally and out of the hospital. When it didn't happen, I thought, what's wrong with me? Why couldn't I have the beautiful, spiritual, empowering experience I'd heard about? Why do other women get that but not me? Why did I get horrific, excruciating, traumatizing pain instead? And why wasn't I able to handle the pain? I wanted to throw all my...
I feel kind of alone in that Hypnobabies didn't work for me. Even though I paid $300 for a live class, and practiced religiously, it was pretty much useless during labor. I was so confident in the program, and felt that everything would go smoothly and easily as long as I studied, thought positively, and believed in myself and "mind over matter" like Hypnobabies teaches. It worked during early labor but once things really started rolling, it was excruciatingly painful...
My water broke at 4:45 am on Wednesday morning. I was thrilled since I was over a week late at that point! The contractions were mild until around noon, when I started having to really focus and breathe through them. I labored at home for quite a while, using my birth ball and Hypnobabies techniques, until the contractions got really tough and we decided to head to our birth center.   A combination of a posterior baby and a posterior cervix made the birth slow and...
Oh, absolutely. It's torture! For the past few weeks, about every other day I'll get these bad cramps and think, "this could be it," and I'm always disappointed.
I was due two days ago. I'm a first timer so it shouldn't be surprising I'm going over, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it! I've always been super impatient, and the waiting is pure torture. I haven't had any signs of labor to encourage me, either. Also, she's posterior, and I've read that posterior babies can make you go late, so I've been working very hard on positioning and doing all the tips and tricks from spinningbabies.... but she likes it where she is. Hmph.
That's how I feel. I don't want to feel like people are waiting on me, or expecting updates and pictures, or calling and bugging us for info. Both my parents and in-laws live far away and aren't coming for the birth, but they want to be called when I go into labor. I said I would, but I actually won't. I'll say "everything started happening and I just forgot" or something like that.
I've had an easy breezy pregnancy up until now - it's like Mother Nature decided to cram a whole pregnancy's worth of aches, pains, and discomfort into the last two weeks! Ugh!
This is my first and I didn't get a shower, either. It's not that I feel entitled to gifts, I just wish people cared. I walk around at church with my big belly and nobody says a word. Other than my parents, my relatives and in-laws show little to no interest in the pregnancy. I just want someone to ask how I'm doing, or how I decorated the nursery, or if there's anything I need.
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