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I just read a news article that said Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo has trace amounts of toxic chemicals in it. Sure enough, looked at my baby's shampoo and it's in there. What are some all natural baby products I can use instead of Johnson and Johnson?
Thank you!
I voted #4 but really it is a combination. I generally use 'my kids'. Or I just call them by name. People who know us know the situation and there is no need to clarify, and if there is a need I will use 'step' .
I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good websites or books. Thanks!
If both parties have access to a computer with webcam and internet you can skype. It's a free and you can see each other face to face over the computer.
You'll never have enough money saved up to fight for your children. We had to put down a $2500 non-refundable retainer just to hire our attorney. Our case should have never gone as far as it has and still going. The bills just keep racking up but in the end it will be worth it.    
Thanks everyone! Very happy to know!
My DH is going through a court battle right now, it's very messy. During the last visit, DSDs mom demanded to come into our home and look around. We didn't because I was not ok with this but I was wondering if she has the right to since this is where they live.
My husband and his kids rough house like that but it's one of their ways of bonding.
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