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Oh dear, I am so sorry.  I hope you find someone irl to be excited with you.
Absolutely agree with Jeannine.   Dandelionkid - if you don't want to your questions to be taken as judgemental, I would recommend rewording your post.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my understanding is that twin, breech and vbacs homebirths can not be billed to insurance here in WA.  I don't know Tacoma area midwives, but in Seattle there are only two CNMs I know of who do homebirth - Cindy Brown (who is taking a break from births after 11 years on call) and Sally Avenson.  I know these insurance limitations are relevant to CPMs, there is a chance they don't apply to CNMs attending homebirth, but I would be...
That sucks.  At least she has a supportive friend to process with when she's ready.
If you really like her, I would go ahead and hire her.  Even if you find another doula you like, it is probable she will take on more than 2 births a month, in which case you have a higher chance of ending up with a back-up.  Like you said it is highly unlikely.  We have a month-long window for what is considered "normal", that is 720hrs of potential labor time... if she spends an average of 15hrs per woman and your dates are a week apart that is literally hundreds and...
Wow, you are quite the planner.  It is really wonderful you and your husband have been able to set your lives up to easily transition into parenthood.  I find this thread kind of overwhelming to read... you won't face all the challenges listed here, and there also may be some that you didn't hear about/plan for.  I have loved being a mom so far (my little guy is about to turn 1), and it has only made our marriage more rich.  Logistics are more complicated, but oh...
You can try sittercity.com -  I nanny and when I was short on work I put myself up on there (luckily I have plenty of work now! )
I would like our family to start seeing a ND, so 2 questions: My son is on medicaid/community health plan, do you know of any that are also ARNP's (nurse practitioner) - Bastyr's program offers a dual degree in conjunction with Seattle U, so there should be some out there.  If they have the ARNP they should be able to bill community health.   My husband and I are on group health, and these are our ND options:  Cullen, Tamara J, ND Senter, Cynthia M,...
 Anjsmama.  I hope you were able to make it through Christmas without purging.  And if you didn't, be gentle with yourself and start again today.  
My little guy's hands were much more relaxed, and less prone to grab than the other newborns I have known.  So far he's totally fine and hitting all his milestones (he is 10mo).  But I would definitely talk to your ped about it.
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