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I am loving this discussion, as I'm trying to find simpler toys for my kids and want to bring them back to basics.  I'm tired of all the loud, flashy toys and want to buy USA made.  They have birthdays in Nov. and the holidays in December, so I'd love to find ideas.
I think the responses you got were great as well.  It really depends on how you think you could handle homeschooling and WHY you would do it.  Is it for your child or because a lot of people are doing it nowadays?  Do you think you have the patience to do it?  Is your child doing well with the structure of preschool?  Just some things to think about.
I know this is a longshot, but does anyone know of any vbac-friendly Kaiser doctors in the sacramento area?  I'm looking to deliver vaginally after having 2 c sections (first baby was breech, 34 weeks), next was born at 26 weeks unexpectedly.  I met with my doctor and she pretty much said I need to have a c section.  i asked if it was mandatory and she said they "highly recommend it".  She spoke of death, hysterectomy, etc and basically freaked me out.  I'm trying to...
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