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OH MY GOD! You saved that boys life. That is absolutely horrible what happened! I would definitely try to get the policy about there being no lifeguard on duty changed. You really are a hero!
For us, the Nap Nanny was a MIRACLE purchase! We didn't have any luck with putting the wedge in the crib (which we tried first) and also we tried the Rock and Play Sleeper with no success. Out of desperation we tried the Nap Nanny and I would have done anything to have discovered how well it worked sooner! My daughter (who has pretty bad reflux) has slept through the night ever since we bought her Nap Nanny! This is pretty amazing considering before hand we could only get...
I would definitely look into getting a Nap Nanny. This was one of the most amazing things that I bought for my daughter when she was born. She had some trouble sleeping and when we started using the Nap Nanny it was like she was a different baby. She now sleeps through the night every night! So many moms agree with me, definitely look into it! The cover also comes off so you can easily wash it, which I do all the time, to kill the germs. We bring it everywhere with us...
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