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Great story, Chapsie. 
Thinking of you and praying for you, Tear!!! Good Luck!
I have had oversupply issues with each of my kids.  This last time, I was able to take care of it quickly since I new the first signs.  With DD1, it took MONTHS of gassiness, green poops and other symptoms for me to figure it out.     Electric green poop certainly sounds like a symptom of oversupply.... How old is your little one?? A week, right?  I am thinking it is probably a bit of oversupply.  What worked for me was block feeding.  Basically, it consists of...
yeay, chapsie! Congratulations!    Sorry I didn't get on here to update until now. Glad to see u already did!
Chapsie is in labor and has been since late this afternoon.  Right now, contractions are about 3 minutes apart and lasting 45 seconds.  Goooo Chapsie!
anaconda, Good luck!!    Sunshinelove, Thinking of u. Hope it's soon!!!   hikingfortruth, long bouts of labor like symptoms are no fun.  Hope your time is soon!!!   And of course Chapsie, Glad you got a lot of cleaning done.  Enjoy your family time!!!
LDoulaSteph- Good luck!  :)   Storygirlcindy-Congrats!  She's just dreamy!
Bena.  Sooo Happy for you!  Congrats!
Chat away!!!
cocoanib, Congratulations!!! :D
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