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Thanks for the story!  It was beautiful!  :D  Congrats on your little bundle!
Prayers for you, RainGardenMama!  Sorry you are struggling. I hope you find answers soon.  
How gorgeous!!!
Chapsie,  I'd go with your gut on the extra friends thing.  I found that I my needs during labor this time were very similar to what I had been anticipating my needs to be in the regard of how many people I wanted around... DH was even hands off and just checked in on me once in a while to see if I needed anything (When I would visualize my birth, I had imagined only wanting him there for a silent emotional support and not really 'NEEDING' him in the physical hands-on...
Sarah, congrats!  She's beautiful!!!!   Writinglove,  Soo happy for you!  :)
The new chat thread is up here!!!
Chat Away!!!!   Last week's chat thread here!
cabbitdancer- I have been MIA for a little.  Sorry you are in that spot.  Is there no one who will attempt a breech vaginal delivery near you?  I know it is rare to find a provider who will/can/has experience....    Did you struggle with PPD after your first c-section (Your daughter was born via c-section, right?)?  Maybe doing all you can to set up help BEFORE baby gets here will help.  Maybe knowing about the surgery before hand will help. I hope there are ways to...
Lightforest-  Thanks for starting this thread.  :)  When I had DD1, I pumped while engorged and had to deal with MAJOR oversupply.  And because I was a firsttimer, I didn't even know that was my problem for months.  Booo!  So, echoing Chapsie's advice, only pump enough to relieve discomfort/pain...more than that can cause a whole other set of problems!!!   akind1- I love the name Theodore with a nickname of Theo.  It was on our short list and am hoping to use it next...
I am feeling so sad and bad for not being on here much... :(    I am really bogged down with nursing and when baby is asleep, I spend all my free time giving extra love and cuddles to DD1 and DD2.  (Don't get me wrong, I totally LOVE that... but, I miss my girlies on the MDC March 213 DDC!!!!!!!!!!)      So, I cannot possibly catch up, but I will try to be around more.  Hope y'all are feeling well!   -Jodie
New Posts  All Forums: