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I am feeling so sad and bad for not being on here much... :(    I am really bogged down with nursing and when baby is asleep, I spend all my free time giving extra love and cuddles to DD1 and DD2.  (Don't get me wrong, I totally LOVE that... but, I miss my girlies on the MDC March 213 DDC!!!!!!!!!!)      So, I cannot possibly catch up, but I will try to be around more.  Hope y'all are feeling well!   -Jodie
Such a handsome little man.  Thanks for sharing your story.
What a beautiful baby!  Thanks for sharing!!! :D   Edited to add: Finally read the story, too.  What a wonderful birth! :D
beautifulnm-  <3  Congratulations!  
What a handsome man! Thanks for the story and picture!!!
Congrats, Granola!!!! :D  Welcome Oliver!!
scruffy.  Baby thighs can change quickly!!!. If the leg openings are too large at first, you can string some elastic through temporarily until it fits better down the road...just an idea!
Love the story. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for the story.  He's beautiful, micahmae! 
Yeay!!! Light Forest, congrats!!!! :D  Good thing you took that picture of your belly yesterday!  :D   So happyfor you!
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