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Congrats on you new baby boy, Micahmae!!!   Shawna, Get as much rest as you can!!!  Good luck to you!!!  
Just want to reach through the computer and give you a huge hug.    It's hard, but it'll get better.  Glad the lc helped...     What color are baby's poops?  Green poop means oversupply.  I have dealt with it with all of my kiddos... no fun.  :(  Is that what the LC thinks is the problem?
Congratulations, Clumsy!!!!! SOOOO Happy for you!!!
This was true for me with kiddo 1&2... but with #1 it turned into PPD and with #2, it lasted three weeks!  This time, it didn't happen at all!     So, it is good to be prepared for the fact that it does happen and is common but to: 1. realize when symptoms point to PPD when symptoms last longer than a few weeks (inability to bond with baby, feeling of despair, depressed mood, feeling empty inside, loss of pleasure in life, feelings of guilt or worthlessness without...
Delilahbeau- Maddax is beautiful! I am praying for your speedy recovery.    Babytoes, Congratulations!!!!
Buko...  She's gorgeous!!!
thinking of u, delilahbeau!!!
Hey y'all!   So sorry I haven't been posting here so much.  I have felt pretty busy!  I guess adding a new family member will do that to you!!!     SScruffy- Sorry about the man-cold.  My DH suffers from those and fully admits it!  When I was preggo, he even said that if it was him who was pregnant, he would so 'milk-it.'  My MIL always says "bigger they are, harder they fall."  I figure I can deal with the occasional man-cold, so I don't get too upset about them...
delilahbeau- GL! My thoughts and prayers for an easy labor are with you!
 That's what I said, babytoes.  BE CAREFUL!  The declarations you make may come back to bite ya!!! hahaha!
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