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What a beautiful little girl.  I am so happy you were finally able to hold her.  My continued prayers are with you and your family...prayers for speedy and thorough healing for Anna and strength for you among other things are on the top of my prayer list right now.  
Buko!! I am so very very happy for you!!! Congratulations on your little girl.  
Ellie, I LOVED your slide show.  So very beautiful.  :D
Chat away!!! :D
Congratulations, cactusita!!! :D   babytoes- I LOVE that you are linking the birth stories as they come in.  Great idea!!! :D
Thinking of you, buko!!! :D
Buko- Good Luck!!!! Can't wait to hear your update!!!! Easy labor vibes to u!   scarletsmiles- hoping things speed up for u! It's so hard to wait when contractions are so frequent, I know.  
chocolate chip, great idea... I am going to pm you some of my ideas.
Melany- you are at the top of my prayer list.
I experienced those feelings, too, writermama.  Shortness of breath, warm tingling washing over me... But for me, real labor was WAY different!  
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