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Weight gain, from what I have heard int he first trimester should be no more than 3-5 lbs.  But, it is common for women to gain less or even lose a little bit of weight.  Total overall weight gain is 25-35 for average woman.    I took a belly picture last night, but didn't like that I looked all bloated and yucky...  So, I will wait to post until next week!  WindyCityMom, You def have a little baby growing in there!  Such a difference in 1 week!!! :)
I have an irrational fear of twins, too.  And it doesn't help that a lot of mamas on this board are confirming twin pregnancies!  lol.  Also, I look like I did when I was 16 weeks pregnant with #1!   Instead of eating a grapefruit last night, I had tiramisu.  It was the first time I have really wanted something sweet since I got pregnant, so I went for it!  I was disappointed in it (especially considering how much it cost ) and only ate half.  Maybe it will be...
That's great! Congratulations on your first project!  Sewing curves is a challenge.  Looks like you did great! :) And made one boy super happy!
Wow! So Cool!
  I am gonna take a trip to target tomorrow just to check out these clearances!  Sheesh!  Were they on end caps in the baby section, near the other carseats, or somewhere else in the store?  
Earlier today I was throwing up like a crazy person.  I am glad DH was home through the worst of it.  Usually I can feel it coming on and set up the kids with something to do in time and then do what I need to do without them noticing.  This time, the heaving came out of no where.  I had eggs on the stove and kids milling around the kitchen, DH finished cooking the eggs and the kids were eating by the time I was done.  What a sweet guy.  :)  Also, I thought you'd all...
I almost edited it to say baby project-wise.  Maybe I should have!!!  hahahaha!   Other projects that came to me... pillowcase dress, rag quilt (<-- so easy you don't have to hide any seams!)   And to comment on something that Kelantan said... I LOVE http://www.danamadeit.com/tutorials, too! 
TWICE!  Twice now!  I have somehow managed to lose my novel of ideas to you two times over the past hour!!!  Sheesh!  Now I will try to recapture the heart of those two posts before heading off to bed.  Hopefully this will work!    Beginning projects (at least in my experience) are projects with few pieces using non-stretchy fabrics...cotton, cotton/poly blends, flannel.  Fabrics with mild stretch are not too hard but it'd probably be better to get a little...
I am driving to Ohio Amish country today.  About a 1 hour 15 minute trip (then extra driving once we get down there), so here's to hoping the windy roads don't make me sick...and to hoping I don't get lost along the way!  (My DH usually drives!)  Once we get down there, it should be fun!  I love and yearn for the country life and the idea of visiting a super health food store (my SIL just told me about it) excites me beyond belief!   I better go eat some breakfast...
So for dinner, I decided to slice up some potatoes (which I usually hate but hubby loves and I figured I wouldn't eat much anyway cuz today was not a good day with ms), sprinkle a little olive oil, salt and herbs with a little parmesan cheese.... Well the ones I sliced thinnest got a little crispy.... and I LOVED THEM!!!  Picked all of them out and ate them!  It was the first thing I enjoyed eating all day, so I am pretty psyched!  :) WOO!
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