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My DS is like this. He is 4 1/2. I am going to use the mini trampoline suggestion, and the lowering the sugar content intake, seems like a good idea.
Great! Good to know, I am new and I been wondering the same thing. Thanks!
Here is a website you can check out http://www.wholesaleribboncarnival.c...nic-Ribbon.htm
Been there done that .. have the t-shirt! I totally hear ya.
Perfect! I can't wait to hear the answers. My 7 year old DS, we have had problems with him doing his homework that we never have before. Every night it is such an ordeal. It took him 4 1/2 hours to do 2 pages of work and he is in 1st grade. It is really frusterating and when we get on him about it, he starts to bawl uncontrollably. He says school is boring and like the OP said I just want him to understand that there is just some things we have to do.
I don't see a problem with it at all. My DH bathes with my kids 4 and 2 and nobody seems to mind. My oldest DS has started wanting to take showers instead of baths. I can't take baths with the kids because I'm too big and the tub is too small. However I am wondering if it is soon time to stop because last time we bathed them together, my DS said "ewwww i don't want to see her nakeds"
It wouldn't bother me. The computers in our kids section of the library have only the preloaded kid games, like Magic School Bus and that sort .. no internet access.
Thank you ladies for the welcomes.
Welcome I am new also. Congrats on the baby!
Welcome back! I am new Can't wait to get to know you.
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