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My daughter was born at 23 weeks and as a result is blind.  She has been selected as a finalist in a contest for an awesome assistive device, the Intel Reader.  This device would open the world of text to her. Every book, magazine, even the back of a cereal box could be converted to speech and read to her.  The winner is determined by popular vote so my family and I are asking everyone we know to vote.  Please vote...
My DD is 7 and has some speech issues that make it difficult for her to correctly form some sounds. We have been working with a speech therapist but not gaining much ground.  We homeschool and she is eager to learn to read but we keep running into the same problem. If I sound out a word, she can correctly identify the word but when she tries to sound out a word she can't pronounce it correct and therefor can't hear the word. Has anyone experienced this before? Any...
  First, big hugs. Its not always easy having a kid with sensory issues but it can be more manageable with the right help.  He does sound like he has pretty classic sensory issues. Having been through the same scenario a year ago with my then 6 year old, I would start by reading The Out of Sync Child and the activities book that goes along with it.  I'd also talk with your pediatrician and request/demand (depending on your relationship with them) a referral for an...
Yep! My DD is gifted and visually impaired with SPD, hypotonia, anxiety and possibly NVLD.  We homeschool which helps create the individualized learning environment that she needs. 
Have you looked for sport programs that are geared towards all abilities, not just ASD specific programs?  My DD participates in an all abilities competitive cheerleading squad and baseball. Miracle League has programs around the country. We have found that bowling is a good "sport" for us all to do together.  Lugging the bowl around is great heavy work for DD's system.  
Tear the toilet paper from the roll BEFORE wiping.    I love you too but can we kiss when I am done going pee.    
Could it be an iron deficiency? My DS had a similar problem last winter and most of this summer until we realized his iron was low. With a supplement, he tolerated the cold better and slept through the night!  DD, who has hypotonia and is under weight, loves the cold and we struggle to keep her in warm clothes in the winter. 
My 5 year old DS only ate 7 different type food and was started to slowly lose interest in those foods too.  We were able to get him into a food group with my DD's occupational therapist and we've seen great improvement.  In food group they work through the sensory stuff behind eating and get the kids used to the smell, texture, taste and look of different foods in a fun way.  The kids are able to spit out a food if they try it and at least bite it.  DS is still a picker...
Maybe therapeutic horseback riding?
I'm hoping someone can help. A few months ago I saw a post that either was about or mentioned small towns that are looking to have people move to them by offering free land. Or something along those lines. The message included a link that listed by state the towns and who to contact. I've searched very which way I can think to try to find the original post but can't find it. Anyone remember the post?
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