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I've made several posts but I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ingrid I'm 32 and I have 3 babies, 2 DD's and a DS. We live in Kyoto, I'm a lawyer. I'm not that of an AP mom so be nice I'm mainstream but gentle
Becuase I want to.
Japanese, Spanish and Swedish
DD1 is Hikari after my Japanese greatgrandma, DD2 is Mika just becuase we liked it And my DS is Taichi, just like DH, FIL, his father, etc... All the names are of Japanese origin, we thought of non Japanese names too, but they didnt quite fit with the surname.
I know that is causes obesity. I live in a country that has all sort of junk goodies for kids and they eat it all the time. And it has the highest life expectancy rate and lowest percentage of obesity.
We live in Japan, and we mostly travel around the country or to the nearby ones. We're spending 2 weeks in India and 1 week in Sri Lanka this summer, becuase we don't have much $$$ to go and visit my family in Sweden. This is going to be my DS's first travel, he's never been out of Japan and I'm nervous. We went to Tokyo last month and he seemed to like car traveling but I'm nervous how he will react by plane. He rarely cries and I hope he doesnt decide to do it by...
I couldn't stop rolling my eyes at some replies here, seriously... My kids do eat junk food, except the baby, but oh well. My DD LOVES chocolate, candy, soda, juice, and all the junk delicious things there are. And here she has a lot of variety to choose from. And she's a healthy child, of course she's not eating junk ALL day but she has her treats everyday. She's a really good eater and likes everything that touches her lips. You'll probably think what a horrible...
My children(even the baby) bathe with my DH, and sometimes all of us bathe together. I don't see the problem we're a family, jeez.
I live in Japan
I don't think Asian or Oriental are offensive. My Dh gets offended if people call him Chinese or Korean, that's what offends him the most "I'm Japanese!" My Japanese MIL uses the term "Oriental" instead of Asian. But saying "cute and oriental" is really unecessary, just saying that he's cute and save yourself and embarassment is better. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable if they call my daughters Oriental or Asian becuase they are the ones that inherited the looks from...
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