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My little one was fully potty trained at 19 months old and when she hit 24months, a automatic toilet caught her off guard and now she won't sit on them in public.  I use this potty and set it on the floor in a public restroom and she happily uses it. At first she was afraid to be anywhere near the big toilet but she slowly got used to all the flushing. She was very very afraid of the public flush but now she can tolerate it a little better (she still runs to my legs and...
Things that help us get out the door quicker: I put her shoes on while she is sitting on the potty. I make sure our bag is fully packed and ready to go and sitting by the door. If I know it is going to be a busy fun week, I will make sure to cut up fruit and snacks that we can quickly grab and put in the bag at a moments notice.  I lay her clothes out  and get her excited to get dressed..'let's put your swimsuit on so we can go swimming!' or ' let's put your play...
Ergo Sport fits me! I bought it specifically because of the added belt length.
I would definitely try it out. Our little one is usually in bed by 8pm but we are going to try to adjust her nap to a little later in the day so she can hang a little longer and see the firework show that starts at 9pm. I know she would LOVE it! It's just one day...right? Have fun!
Do some google searches for 'the highly sensitive child'.  There is also a book by the same name that I totally recommend you read.  My LO sounds similar to yours in some ways...pm me if you have questions. Sounds like you may have an awesome sensitive (and possibly gifted) child on your hands, especially if she was really early in hitting her milestones  :)
Hi! I am from the IE! I am in Rancho/Fontana area..what about you? 
So glad I found this thread! I am in the same season of my life right now.  My little one will be 2 in June and I am trying to find a way to gently wean her.  She is teething her final set of molars and as soon as they poke through, we will be weaning for sure.  I feel the same exact way as you gals and I am ready to wean already.  I love nursing my toddler but it is time. it is definitely time.    Can't wait to hear about your experiences.
I am not much help, but I did read somewhere that if your child insists on a diaper, you can try laying a clean diaper in a portable type potty so that they can see it and hopefully sit on the potty and  "use" it.   :)
Have you tried these http://camiliateething.com/.  It works wonders for us.    Molars are killing us over here too.  I just recently gave my little one Ibuprofen for 3 days and I cringed every time because I hate giving it to her but she was in awful pain and it helped her settle down.  I don't give it to her unless she can't settle with all other methods first...not sure how many days is "safe" though...    hoping those molars "cut" through soon!
http://camiliateething.com/ this is the BEST natural stuff out there!!!  works instantly! My circle of friends swear by it!! My LO was an easier teether until the molars hit. we used the camilia for most nights and when it was just unbearable for her we gave her ibuprofen...but honestly the camilia took the edge off and got her through.      
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