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You ladies look gorgeous. I love seeing everyone's growing bellies.
I cursed fleece until I got a walking foot and roller foot. I still don't like sewing it, but it doesn't make me scream anymore. I think I might start on a cuddle sack for the little guy tomorrow if I have the chance. I have some bulky weight yarn leftover from making my sister a cowl, and it should knit up pretty quickly on the loom.
I don't believe I said that I felt it would be more successful at 39 weeks. I'd prefer to go into labor on my own. However, I'm not dealing with a normal situation. I'm dealing with a serious illness that is flaring, leaving me mostly immobile and in horrible pain. I'm spending this week getting infusions of donor antibodies in hopes that it calms my body down enough for a vaginal birth without a lot of medication. Considering the situation, it is probably better not...
She would like to induce, and feels that it is safer than an RCS *if* my body is ready. I'm doing what I can in hopes that we won't need to induce. My appointment this week will likely have to be rescheduled, so I will probably end up seeing an NP instead of my doctor. (I need to get IVIG treatment this week, and it trumps my OB appointment.) I'm going to ask that when they'll strip membranes, because I would prefer to try that before pit. There aren't a lot of...
My doctor told me that I could get pregnant right away. Yeah...right. I had thin lining until I got pregnant this time, which was about 15 months. I think it took about two weeks for a cycle, but it was spotting. I alternated between very light periods, and very heavy periods, and they were around 35 days apart.
It took me a long time to get a regular cycle after getting Mirena removed. It was about 15 months to get pregnant. I noticed a change right away when I started taking vitex, though. It might be worth a shot, especially if you don't want to wait it out.
I felt SO sick from having to fast before my c-section. It was awful. The current studies suggest 4 hours for clear fluids, and I believe 6 hours for food. That's a lot more reasonable than 12 hours, especially while pregnant. Most hospitals haven't updated their protocol for liability reasons only.
We live with my mom, so most of the care will be pretty easily taken care of. If something comes up, my dad and sister's MIL have offered to help. If I didn't have family nearby but knew my neighbors well, I would ask them.
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