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Thank you. I do have some health issues that they've been monitoring, but nothing that affects the baby. (It's a muscle issue with rigidity and spasms, but VBAC was ok'd by a perinatologist and my neurologist.) The doctor did offer induction with pit at 39 weeks, but she didn't pressure that at all. She just said it is there if I want it. I told her that I'd prefer to avoid induction if we can. I do know that the hospital is fairly progressive and does keep squat bars,...
I've been planning for a VBAC after feeling pushed into a c-section for macrosomia with my daughter. DD was estimated at almost 11 lbs, but was born at 9.9lbs at 39 weeks. I consistently measured 2-3 weeks ahead with her. This pregnancy, I have been measuring ahead about 3 weeks as well. My blood sugar has been good, so it isn't a GD issue. My Ob has a good reputation for natural birth, and was positive about a VBAC at our last appointment. She said if anyone can...
Closing a card usually will make a score dip some for a short time, but the score will go back up. You'll take less of a hit if the account is marked that you closed the account instead of being marked as if the credit card company closed the account. When we bought a condo, we went through each and every mark on our credit records. Some accounts were marked as closed by the company, even though I called and requested to close the cards. (Store cards, iirc.) If you're...
For those that can reach, do you have any special tricks? I swear my arms shrink as soon as I get pregnant.
Well, yeah. Bishop's score doesn't mean much as far as spontaneous labor. They wanted to induce, though, and my cervix was iffy for that after a few weeks of EPO. I think that RRL is helping more this time. I haven't started prodromal labor, and by now with DD I was miserable. I'm sure that like anything, EPO helps some more than others.
I used them for places like at fairgrounds when the bathroom situation isn't the best. I tend to avoid places with nasty bathrooms if possible as it is. Another thing you can keep is a small can or pack of lysol wipes. I haven't ever seen poo on the changing table, but they're ripe with bacteria. I'd rather wipe or spray it down in a pinch if I had to than use nothing. I would even change DD in her stroller in an out of the way corner to avoid icky bathrooms. The...
Congrats, mama!
I'm wondering about this, as well. While there aren't many studies out there, they seem to suggest that it doesn't help. Midwives seem to favor it, though, and anecdotal reports are that it can help. Have any of you used it and believe it to help? I used it last time, but I don't think it helped so much. I don't remember the dose, but I used it orally at 36 weeks, and internally at 37 weeks. My Bishop score was so-so at 39 weeks when I had a c-section.
I have been going from the start. Last time I went periodically, and then twice a week after 35 weeks. It makes a big difference in how I feel, and in how the baby is positioned. My chiro specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care. I have SPD, and I can barely waddle in to the appointment. After getting adjusted, the SPD isn't gone, but I can stand straight up and walk normally.
I've heard a similar theory from my chiropractor and a nurse practitioner, and have read about it as well. It makes sense that women that stay active during pregnancy have muscles that are naturally more toned. Apparently the rate of SPD and abdominal muscle separation was lower, as well.I've got an irritable uterus, though, so I don't know what walking would help. I get strong bhx just from standing. I am hoping that the RRL and bhx lead to a relatively easy birth.
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