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Yeah, that's about right. The recommendation is somewhere between 1-3 cups, depending on the source. Four hours is about right for RRL by itself. Otherwise it will get bitter. I use 1 cup per 1/2 gallon jar, and that lasts about 2-3 days depending on how much I'm in the mood for the tea.
I used a TENS unit during my last trimester with DD, and with this pregnancy. I have a muscle condition that causes a lot of spasms and rigidity, and coupled with SPD and the weight of my belly, it gets really painful. I got the TENS unit from my chiropractor. It is pretty effective for dealing with the pain and restless legs that I get in the last trimester. It is generally regarded as safe during pregnancy, but I don't know of any studies, either.
It has been three days every five weeks, but I'll probably switch to weekly until after I have the baby. Otherwise there is a risk that I'll miss the entire dose when I've already hit a brick wall from medicine wearing off. The first stick stung a little bit, but the third was today and I didn't really feel it at all. Phenergan through the port is another strange one. It burns and tastes like swallowing a shot of cheap vodka.
It's been a few weeks, and I had my port accessed for the first time for treatment. What an improvement! It was SO nice to get one stick instead of 6-7, and it was so nice to have my hands free and not in pain. Most of the swelling has gone down, so it it wasn't really painful. It stung for a few seconds, but bothered me less than a successful IV stick. The only downside is that the saline flush is a lot more noticeable, and I can taste the Heparin that they use to...
Are you still working? It might help to get a Prenatal Cradle to hold up your belly. Friends that stand on their feet a lot at work swear by them. There are some exercises you can do while pregnant for separation, but most are aimed at the recovery period.
I'd get checked out, but the glucola could have thrown you off. How long was the test? I had a 1 hour test with 50 g glucose with my daughter, and while it wasn't fun, I didn't react too badly. This time, I had a 2 hour (they changed guidelines) with 75 g glucose, and I was sick as a dog. I was having to do all that I could to hold it down, I was feeling very faint, I could have anyone near me because I felt claustrophobic, etc. I felt better after eating a meal with...
The way FB organizes group pages stinks. They're automatically sorted by activity. You can search the group if you need to, though.
We have an Arms Reach mini, and have it set up already for our second baby. Co-sleeping made things SO much easier, especially during the newborn period. We felt better with baby safe and sound, and next to us.
DD was born by c-section and had issues with diarrhea as a toddler. It took a couple years worth of supplementing with fermented foods and probiotics to get things more normal. I definitely think it had an effect on her gut flora.
Unfortunately, a relationship goes both ways. If they don't want to make an effort to play nice, then it is understandable to cut ties. My husband's extended family can be really, really nasty. Actually, they're nasty to me most of the time. We decided after making an honest effort to fix things that it wasn't worth the hassle. If they can't behave, we don't come around them at all. It is their loss.
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