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Dang it! Mamabargains had the CUTEST iron-on transfer today, and the last one got swiped while I was checking out! I'm going to check around to see if I can find something similar elsewhere.
My chiropractor is on vacation, but I know she's trained in releasing the round ligaments. Hopefully I can get in to see her or her dad next week to fix this. Luckily it is only happening in the morning when I wake up...but that's also when I REALLY need to get up to pee.
Oh grr. I realize our problems are small compared to so many others, but this is getting to me. We're now 16 days past the point DH should have been paid unemployment. He got notice yesterday, after the check should have been cut, that he was now in the debit card program. That means we won't get ANYTHING until he gets his card. That is supposed to be in 5 or so days. Had we not been living with my mom, and had we not been able to borrow money, we'd be seriously...
Just this week, when I wake up I'm having a weird feeling. It's like when the round ligaments get a little "stuck" later on, and make it hard to move. It is low and it feels like it is going through to my back, though. I have to kind of push myself over and roll out of bed quickly, rather than sitting up first. I feel it for awhile after I get up and get moving...at least the first half hour. Does that sound like a round ligament? Maybe adhesions from the c-section?
Luckily we had a wireless card that we were able to use. It stinks that your teacher isn't very helpful. We're going through a local district, and so far, they've been helpful. They check in every couple weeks to see if we need anything, and to go over the progress. Our only issue is that DD HATES doing phonics. I've got to figure out a way to make it more fun for her, because it is like pulling teeth.
Just harvested 16 spaghetti squash, several summer squash, a few cucumbers, and about 10 lbs of tomatoes...and there is more left to pick tomorrow! We're going to cut up and freeze the zukes that got too big for the chickens. They'd love that mixed in with warm oatmeal when it is cold. We'll probably be blanching and freezing tomorrow...maybe lacto-fermenting, too. I like to have a lot of ingredients, so that we can make whatever. For some reason, ready made meals are...
I'm not one of those that doesn't believe that H1N1 exists...it does. But I wonder about the number of incidents that have been reported. The reason being that the CDC stopped all testing to verify the strain fairly early on in the spread of the illness.
Thankfully, the headache is showing signs of fading away. It's the sixth day, and usually it gets better at this point. We're STILL waiting to get paid by EDD. It's been two weeks since we were last paid...ouch. When you call, it says it was processed on Tuesday. It should take one day to mail, but it hasn't shown up. Grr.
For those of you that have nursed before, do you have a favorite nursing pillow? My Boppy was great while my stomach was still big, because my stomach held the pillow closer to me. I have a long torso, though, and soon it was too low to comfortably nurse. I'd have to shove a couch pillow under the side DD was on to get her high enough. It is important that I get the support, because slouching really tweaks my back. Which pillow do you like?
I had the same experience. I thought my inexpensive Janome was fast, and then switched to a Husquarvarna embroidery/sewing machine. It's got to take awhile to get used to an industrial machine. I'm still a little terrified of a blind hemming machine.(Skip to the 1:20 mark.)
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