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Honestly, I loved that people visited me in the hospital because at the hospital they felt the need to leave after 15-20 minutes. When the visit at home, they want to stay for what seems like forever. I've known people to say "no visitors" at the hospital and all a grandparent to organize a sort of "welcome home" gathering to be there when you arrive home, which kept them occupied while they were in the hospital. Plus, while a gathering seems overwhelming, it gets most...
This is what we do too. DD wants to play by herself in the tub, so I tell her she can fill containers, but she cant fill the tub. 
No problems, more to love.
Also, as far as people who dont like leashes go: Do you dislike strollers?    Because my 3 year old wants to walk, everywhere all the time. In the grocery, on the sidewalk, on a busy street, etc. She wants to feel grown up, and she doesnt want me to wear her or be in a stroller. So, I look at a leash as giving her the freedom to walk while still keeping her safe. No one would balk at a 3 year old strapped into a stroller throwing a fit, but people stare when you...
I used to be very anti-leash. And then I had twins. Im thinking about buying one for my three year old so that we can do something simple like walk down the sidewalk without me being terrified that she would go in the street and I couldnt prevent her if I was holding/wearing two other babies.    I cant even imagine once I have three walking children. I might leash them all. 
I totally agree. Your parenting decisions are your own, and so are theirs. IMO, it is super rude to say "this person should never have kids". They love their kid, the  arent abusing him, Im assuming he isnt FTT (which if he really "wasnt eating" he would be FTT).   ~ The mom who passes her kid off at parties to random strangers, holds them like a football under my arm, and heats bottles up in the microwave. 
This has actually happened to me, numerous times. Sometimes I think I can make it in and out of a store before DD melts down, but I just cant. The best option at that point is just to quickly gather the things I came for and get out of the store as soon as possible. I've had mom's say a variety of things to me, try to ask if they can buy DD a cookie, ask if she's okay, ask if they can help, etc. I usually feel really embarrassed and just want to get out of the store and...
All I have to say is:   WTF is a "Vegan playdate" and why are these people torturing these poor children?
All of my babies have been fussy in the evening, on and off. Betweeen 5-9pm is always our "witching hour." Everything sounds totally normal to me. 
My favorite thing about babywearing is that it reminds me of how close I once held my babies all the time. You only get to hold them for so long, right?   Here is a pic of me trying on two bobas at a store :) It was a lot of fun!    
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