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Subscribing - I desperately need some clarity in my life...
  ME ME ME!!!  I loathe hosting anyone, ever.  Difficult, because DH is an extrovert and DS is an extrovert x 10.  Thankfully, DD is just like mama! :-)  I like meeting up, but yeah, hosting is no fun...
I'd move!  Currently living in a compromise place myself - eventually you will become resentful and your marriage will suffer.  Both of you need to be happy.     Good luck with this - it's tough!
I'd preserve my family's peace - maybe you can find a new activity (playgroup/story hour) that could conflict with babysitting on Friday?
Mostly happy, but I wouldn't mind working PT when both kids are in school. 
I know easier said than done, but it will all work out.  I was 21 when I had my first and although financially things have been a struggle life has generally been good.     At 6 weeks I might wait to tell some people, though I'd tell parents, close friends, and close teachers right away.  My parents were quite upset at first, but everyone else was very supportive.  About the internship, you might still be able to do it.  I went to school until 40 weeks, though...
Nyssaneala, thanks for sharing your savings plan.  I'll have to check out Ally - rates look really good compared to my local banks'!
Well, so far this month we've had some setbacks (car trouble, dental issues, medical bills, oh my!) but we are persevering in our savings.  Quite the rollercoaster though.  Not liking it!  However, I did just slash our September liability by $450 by switching to cheaper insurance (husband now eligible through employer) and cancelling the Y membership.  We go just a few times a year, so paying $250/visit (annual fees cost over a thousand) seemed kind of crazy,...
Salt Water Taffy and Green Tea!
I just restarted our emergency fund today.  $5, which will be my bare minimum contribution per week until the end of the year when my hospital bills are fully paid off.  My first big goal is $1000.
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