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Quote: Originally Posted by redclover at home VBAC with a midwife, a doula (who is one of my dearest friends) and my husband. My five year old is yet to decide if she wants to be around. I think it'll depend on whether its the middle of the night or not. I'm hoping my daughter will want to be a part of my birth. She'll be 5 around my due date though and has asked to watch cartoons rather than watch the birth. I also won't wake her if it's late....
I keep thinking of other names her kids could have. Prescott... Parker... Mesa... Chandler... Douglas... Duncan... Payson... Jerome
Quote: Originally Posted by macandcheese I am planning a home birth. It will be just me, my husband, the midwife, and possibly the midwife's apprentice. And the baby will be joining us at some point :P I'm kind of sort of thinking about asking a close friend to come and take pictures, but I'm not sure on that just yet. I'm a birth photographer :-) I don't know how it happened, but I just ended up falling into that career. I'm having a...
I'm 21 weeks and am still sleeping on my stomach - though, I don't know how. The baby does not approve and is constantly nudging me. I'm going to have to keep an eye on this thread for tips!
I didn't lose it at all with my first. With my son, it was really obvious when I lost it (it happened in the shower - there was no mistaking it). I had him a week later.
DDDC - your title was too good to give up CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved!
I'm curious, since this is MDC and not Babycenter (thankfully!) What are everyone's plans for birth? Where are you giving birth, who is attending, are you planning a VBAC or natural birth or unassisted birth, etc, etc, etc! I'm excited to hear what everyone has to say. I'm having a homebirth - but not in my own home. My husband is deployed, so I'm traveling back to where I call "home" - so that I can be around family and friends. So, I'm having a homebirth in my...
My sister has lived her entire life with the initials "BJ." And, she named her son a name that also gives him the initials BJ. Actually, he's BMJ. So, both BM and BJ. It depends on how important the name is to you. Personally, I don't think initials are a huge deal.
DDDC - I don't want to know the gender, but DH does. He's also deployed, so I am having the ultrasound tech get the picture and then I'm mailing it to him sealed. Kind of boring, but I don't know how else to do it without finding out the gender myself!
Quote: Originally Posted by doulanichole LOL nah, I'm just illegally attending homebirths while married to someone who could haul me away to jail in handcuffs. LMAO. Well, you could have fun with that On a side note, I've asked the commander at Moody about homebirths on base and he said that midwives wouldn't be considered illegal if they attended a birth on base housing. I wonder if midwives attending births at Ft. Benning or at the...
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