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Has anyone had any experience with breastfeeding while taking antibiotics? My son has never ad antibiotics before and I feel so horrible that he will get some from the breastmilk. I'm already trying to push him drinking water kefir for probiotics. He won't eat yogurt. I can't pump and dump as he nurses constantly. Also if I were to do that, how long shoud I wait after taking the antibiotic pill to pump and dump? Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks!
My 26 month old son's neck makes a sound most of the time when he tilts his head back to look up toward the ceiling. It has been happening since around 12 months old. It makes like a popping sound, not as sharp when you pop your knuckles. Sounds more of like cartiledge rubbing click. Any help would be appreciated!
I still use them, as we are still co-sleeping. I wanted to get one more for the foot of the bed though. What works also is rolling up several thick towels and putting them under the fitted sheets.
I have 3 of them. If you go to their blog, they have a list of retailers that still carry their items. http://betterforbabiesblog.com/ Hope this helps!
My mom has cancer and has gone through 5 rounds of chemo at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Her doctor wants to do radiation in conjunction with her next round. We all, including my mom, live in Florida so this would require lodging in Houston where the cancer center is. The radiation treatments are tentatively for 4-6 weeks. So all of us would need to stay in the same place. My mom does have other family that could stay with her but I am just wondering if my 20-month old...
I haven't been using toothpaste on my toddler when brushing his teeth. Should I be? If so, can anyone recommend one please? Also, can I make my own? I am worried because he doesn't know how to spit yet. Thanks!
Thank you all for your replies. I sound silly with the question, but I'm a first time mom and I freak out over everything! I don't think it's a horsefly bite, just some sort of fly bite. It's just so pitiful when I hear him tell me that it itches and tries to scratch at it. The bite has been there for at least 3 days, and it looks like it might hang around a little while longer. How long do they usually go away? And when should I take him to the doctor? Like how do I...
My 19 month old was recently bitten by some sort of insect. We think it might be a fly, as my DH shoo'ed one away off my DS's arm. We saw a tiny pink area where the fly was. Then the next day, it became more pink/red. And then the next day, there was a raised reddish bump. Please advise. Thanks!
I said ow as reaction. He cried like I broke his heart. I hugged & kissed him & told him I love him. I told him that hurts mommy. Please don't bite. Then I nursed him. Any advice? Thanks!
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