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  Of course I cannot answer these questions, but I am so encouraged that a Jesuit is now at the helm! My partner was schooled (high school and undergrad college) by Jesuits, and we have great love for the order. In general, they tend to be less conservative and more willing to seek progression in our Catholic faith.   I was quite saddened when Benedict was elected, and I feel that he pushed the Church backwards in many ways. It is my great hope that Francis will get us...
Pope Francis I - an Argentinean, a Jesuit,  a man of humility and vision!!! it's like a dream come true!!!! I'm so excited for the future of our Church.
The notable differences are the Sacraments and the Eucharist ..... which does create an entirely different feeling, because they are a very big deal, spiritually. It was intense passion for the Eucharist that led me to the Catholic Church as an adult.       But what if she isn't found? Surely there is a time limit for finding her, and you have at least some recourse? If not, I would seek help to challenge the tribunal. It isn't fair to give her all the advantage when she...
To clarify - the pontiff will not "join" a monastery. Immediately following his resignation, he will move to the Papal residence in Castel Gandolfo, and when renovations are complete at a monastery of cloistered nuns inside the Vatican, he will move there "for a period of prayer and reflection".   http://ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/pope-live-cloistered-monastery
Wow, nobody is discussing this?! I thought there were lots of Catholics here.   I'm excited, and hopeful that the Church will have a breath of new life and forward direction.
Spanking is not supported in the Bible, i.e. the "spare the rod" passage .... that has been misinterpreted for ages. Good theologians and true Bible scholars will note that "the rod" was a tool utilized by shepherds to GUIDE sheep, never to beat them into submission. That the Pearls and other Christian parenting "experts" deliberately use misinterpreted Bibilcal passages to support beating children and fearing their parents is evil and reprehensible. "Fear" is another...
We always have a service, I've never heard of just going for ashes.
I can't see why in the world the annulment process might take YEARS .... it shouldn't, unless the former wife will be difficult to locate, impaired in some way, uncooperative, or some such thing.   I pray that things will go quickly and smoothly for you.       This is rather an insult to other faiths, most of which certainly take marriage very seriously. I think a better way to explain is that the Catholic Church considers marriage a Sacrament - a convenant with God,...
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