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Has this been discussed?  I took two workshops on the revised Third Edition Roman Missal last weekend.  The changes are small, but significant - it's a real shame that the USCCB has decreed that they cannot be implemented over a period of time, that we must wait until 11/27 and then change it ALL.  People are going to be confused and upset, if there is no catechesis on these changes from the pulpit (this is being strongly encouraged, but you KNOW not all priests are...
May those of you who need it be blessed with the comfort of the Father, the peace of the Son, and the wisdom of the Spirit as you discern your difficult decisions.   B and I have launched a re-vamped ministry of hospitality in our parish.  It's been rough going.  We had a decent number of people commit to being greeters, and ended up training about half who signed up - the rest begged off or just never answered our phone calls and emails at all.  We have a new pastor...
Great Easter reflection from Fr. Roger Karban!   Risen or Resuscitated?      
  Regarding the bolded - what is especially sad about this attitude is that so many Catholics are misinformed, poorly educated, or simply ignorant of the significant nuance of ritual vs. Sacrament.  Many Catholics believe that, if you have the ritual, the Sacrament is present.  Though the two are not mutually exclusive, and rituals are an important and beautiful element of Catholic tradition, their purpose is to reflect the Sacraments - and Sacrament is a covenant between...
Heidi -   I hope that all is well with your family, and that Easter brought some respite and peace.     What a lovely surprise!  Congrats and welcome to each of them.    
Definitely not either (though I'm certainly no fan of the current pope), but because I'm curious to see where this goes.
I guess we'll never know.    
Which "author" are you referring to?  The reflections are based on the writings of Bishop Ken Untener - he was a "controversial" bishop due to his "liberal" views on a number of hot topics.  But have you ever actually READ the Little Black, Little White, or Little Blue books?  I'm guessing no, because they are not theologically "unsound"; they also contain wonderful tidbits of trivia/information, and thought-provoking reflections.   I suggest that you actually read the...
Just came across this wonderful reflection in the Lenten "Little Black Book" (Little Books of the Diocese of Saginaw, Inc. c. 2010), regarding The Communion Rite:      
If this were me, I would have no qualms whatsoever about enacting some permanent method of BC.  This is an extreme situation, and your family needs you to be there for them.  Your marriage needs the God-given gift of unity in a sexual relationship, so IMO permanent abstinence is not the answer either.   I'm sorry that you are faced with such a tough decision.  I pray that Our Father will bless you with the wisdom of His Spirit to guide and comfort you.
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