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Though I don't actively minister there anymore, I'm still an active/supporting member of the parish I've been with for 21 years.  My younger kids still participate in faith formation there, and my older daughter sings in the choir.   However, over the past year I've also become heavily involved with B's parish - we are ministering together as team leaders for a 3-year diocesan evangelization initiative.  Also, they got a new priest last summer, and I really like him - he...
You really can't, afaik.  The NYS vaccine registry is now mandated, there is no opt-out.  If your child gets a vaccine, it's recorded in the registry.  Any school can legally track your child's vaccine records (FERPA) through the registry - and if you claim an exemption it's likely they will.  They can and will deny a religious exemption if you try to selectively vaccinate.
Is Stroudsburg a large area?  I went to college (um, 25 years ago ... ) with several people from Stroudsburg, and I'd love to know if anyone knows them!
That's awesome.  
TBM - I'm so sorry, I can't imagine the stress upon you right now.  Is there ANYONE connected to the Church that your DH trusts and would speak to in confidence?  It sounds like he really needs to just get stuff off his chest, without fear of judgement - it's been my experience that people who are that angry are also afraid.  Does your diocese have a spiritual direction program? - and, if so, would he at least be willing to meet with someone?   It's so hard to trust again...
Lavatea, do you think this would keep her occupied?  I have some sample copies, and they look really awesome.     Magnifikid!
Check your diocesan website.  Many dioceses are offering some sort of "Welcome Back/Welcome Home" program for lapsed/disenchanted Catholics.   http://www.usccb.org/evangelization/reconciliation.shtml   See if any parishes in your area offer the Landings program for returning Catholics, which is very popular right now.  
 Omigosh.   B's sister sent me Magnificat prayer booklets in November, for Advent ... and I promptly misplaced them.  Throughout Advent I lamented the fact that I did not have them!   I just found them ... right on my bookshelf with all of my prayer & reflection materials.   Thankfully, she sent me the Lenten booklet, too.
You are!  B and I are brainstorming ways to implement a hospitality ministry in our parish.  (This is the first phase of our Amazing God plan.)   I think I will start looking to St. Brigid for some guidance!
My DD had the exact same problem, starting when she was about four.  We saw an ENT a couple of years later, who suggested waiting to see if she "grew into" her tonsils/adenoids; HOWEVER, when she started having episodes of sleep apnea (eight years old) he said it was definitely time for them to come out. (Besides, she was totally miserable from lack of REM sleep.) She had some unfortunate tummy issues with the anesthesia (which wouldn't happen nowadays, they typically...
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