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OP, I am utterly baffled that this is being explained to you, over and again, and that you still don't seem to get it.   In a nutshell .... an unprecedented, massive hurricane that hits coastal areas and urban areas is a hell of a lot different than regular winter power outages out in the country. I live in upstate NY, and we experience outages due to thunderstorms, wind storms, ice storms ... and sometimes for no apparent reason at all (an older transformer blows, lines...
I did her Ascent Psalms study (on my own, with the workbook) 2 years ago and I absoluitely loved it ..... it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life, and I go back to it often.   I've had the "Breaking Free" workbook for a couple of years now, and just can't seem to get into it. I figure it's just not the right time.   Spritiually speaking, she's a bit over-the-top in her personal methods of worship for m taste, but I do love the way the workbook...
  I'm not encouraging anyone to do anything.  I was merely responding to this, in support of this particular poster, so she understands that she is not alone:    
  Good luck! I'm a Catholic who definintely doesn't agree with the Church on a lot of things, but I choose to work toward change rather than simply "submit to the Magisterium".
I attended the pastoral installation of one of those priests on Saturday.  When he proclaimed the Creed (by himself, as per the ceremony), he said,   "For us and for our salvation, ..."    
If fasting could compromise your health in any way, you are exempt from the obligation.   Our diocese has Spiritual Directors who offer guidance and counsel for a nominal fee (on a sliding scale .... I believe that they will not turn anyone away for inability to pay).  B has utilized the Spiritual Direction program for two years - he sees a wonderful Sister of St. Joseph once/month.  We both love her to pieces.   Perhaps you might begin with a call to your...
Those things are problematic, for sure; but even in very conservative dioceses (Phoenix is an example that comes immediately to mind) you will find liberal-thinking parishes, and plenty of Catholics who are willing to push back against teachings that have no sound theological basis.   Can you church-shop in your area, and get a feel for some of the individual parishes/pastors?  I am seeing someone who, like myself, is drawn deeply to the Catholic Church despite its many...
What's the general tone of your diocese?
 It's s discussion and debate forum.  If you're coming to this discussion expecting only absolute agreerment wrapped in rainbows and roses, you're probably in the wrong place.   All of you that love the RRM so much can certainly express your approval and delight on the Catholic thread in the Spirituality forum.  This happens to be the only place where I can express MY opinion and thoughts (as valid as yours, btw) on the matter.
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