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Thank goodness we are truly one in the Eucharist, and that we don't rely on words for our communal spirit.  It's like the Tower of Babel all over again, LOL. 
What is the reason for taking him off?  I don't understand why a kid would just arbitrarily be removed from the altar server ministry?    
Interesting article from NCR: http://www.ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/16-year-old-latin-whiz-finds-new-liturgy-language-lacking    
I don't know whether to  or  at this statement. Where does it say that this so-called "corrected translation" was ordered by Peter?     It is my understanding that hell is a possibility for those who freely choose to reject Christ as Savior - not those who reject Church teaching/the magesterium/etc.  "Christ as Savior" and "Catholic Doctrine" are not interchangeable terms IMO.  I believe in, and trust in, salvation through Jesus Christ's absolute and sacrificial...
Depends. Some of us consider obedience to Christ, not the Vatican/magesterium, to be the real virtue.  It has become increasingly more difficult to agree with, much less be "obedient" to, an institution that is riddled with problems of their own making.   "Mother Church" is not Scriptural theology, as far as I know.  We, the collective Body of Christ on earth, are the Church.
We can't debate this here, so I will point you to a good discussion in RS: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1314629/textual-changes-to-the-roman-missal-coming-first-sunday-of-advent    
It's quite common, I wouldn't worry about sticking out.  Even if nobody else knows what you're doing, the celebrant will!
Our parish is falling apart.  People in key leadership positions are showing their true colors, and they are ugly.  Rumors - nasty, damaging, inflammatory LIES - are flying, and they seem to originate with one person in particular.  The evangelization initiatives that B and I worked so hard to implement have been wasted on a community that clings to "the old ways".  Nobody wants to take an active role in their faith - BUT when things don't go their way, they sure are...
  That wasn't the point at all, though I guess a non-Christian might see it that way.  The point was that the beauty of God will always surpass the darkness of evil, and that God in His fullness (The Trinity) is always there to see us through our trials even if we can't make sense of them ourselves.   We have to choose that faith, though.
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