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I know it's a longshot, but is anyone attending the Redneck Games in Malone on Saturday?
Thank you for the clarifications.  I do not intend to debate here; however, I think according to the forum guidelines I am still allowed to give my own thoughts and POV as long as it doesn't interfere with "support".  Just because I'm not joining in the group stroking doesn't mean I'm non-supportive; in fact, I have tried to encourage P&L as she works through her current discernment about her baby.  As this seems to be the only active group of Catholics, I read and post...
I'm not debating, though - I'm merely commenting on your point of view and giving another.  Do all "traditional" Catholics here really feel that clapping during the Gloria is a horrible thing?  That a LifeTeen Mass not "traditional" enough?  It's liturgy, and Eucharist!   Is the "traditional" focus here really this narrow and exclusive?
What does that mean, exactly?   And what is not traditional about King David's Psalms?    
    Actually, I believe it has been discussed here.          And rightly so, because it hasn't.  And the original reasons for the institution of priestly celibacy really had nothing to do with "being closer to God".           Not THE most necessary and important part, no; but a necessary and important part nonetheless, as explained by the article posted somewhere in this thread.  Besides which, I think you are making a huge assumption.  Even a secular marriage counselor...
We had a visiting priest on Sunday, celebrating his 50th Jubilee.  He made a wonderful, poignant remark just before the Consecration of the Eucharist.  He said, "As you prepare to receive the Precious Blood and the Body of Christ, remember that the Precious Blood is the very essence of Jesus Christ."   I think that's awesome.
We clap along to the Gloria (refrain), and to the Alleluia as well.  And - surprise, surprise! - nobody is running rampant during that time.   What exactly is wrong with clapping?  Many of the psalms written by David were meant to be sung joyfully, accompanied by instruments and (probably, I'll bet) even some clapping.  We have lots of liturgical music (mostly recessional) that includes clapping.  IMO it invites participation (especially from kids), and enhances the...
Whether or not you agree with/follow VII, there is absolutely NOTHING "liturgically abusive" about laity receiving the Precious Blood, period.
 I'm glad you're OK with it, but I don't mind saying that I was scared out of my mind.  It was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen/deepen my relationship with Our Father, but I was scared nonetheless.
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