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  Personally, I think it's better for a post to stay, and people see exactly what they are dealing with.     Sorry doesn't seem very sincere when people throw in another insult in the same post.
Children get shots at birth, one month, two months, four months, six months (I don't actually know what the schedule is), and the standard timeframe for Krabbe is 3-6 months.   Yep, impossible for there to be a correlation there at all.   Would be very interesting to see the DNA from those childrens' PKU test along side their post-mortem DNA.  Wouldn't expect that to be available any time soon, though.  And...  Epigenetics from parents being vaccinated couldn't...
This coming from a wikipedia medical education.   Read the whole article.  It says it is caused by genetic mutations.
Great here comes the pro-vaxxer to say it isn't vaccine related.   I thought pro-vax stalking (TROLLING) wasn't supposed to be allowed in this forum anymore.   Krabbe disease is caused by genetic mutations.  Only a pro-vaxxer would say that vaccines can't cause genetic mutations.  
From a woman on one of the FB groups...     I just don't see how this isn't murder for profit by the pharmaceutical company and the doctors accessories to it.   Nobody deserves this regardless of their stance on vaccines.  Please send prayers for this family.
  I believe you are correct.  His original claim was 10,000 and then he  changed it to 1,000.  Apparently he thought this was somehow less ridiculous.   One would hope people would see statements like that and it would get them started thinking for themselves.  Always looking for the silver lining...
It's not just the article.  I recommend following the links through and looking at all the abstracts published on the Harvard site.   www.ethics.harvard.edu/lab/featured/325-jlme-symposium
Speaking of pharmaceutical ethics...  Some great stuff published out of Harvard recently.  Wonder if anyone will accuse them of only getting their research from google.   http://www.ethics.harvard.edu/lab/featured/325-jlme-symposium Institutional Corruption and Pharmaceutical Policy... An Edmond J. Safra Center Symposium Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics Vol. 14, No. 3 (2013)   Oops didn't see this had already been posted on another thread !
Sorry you are having a tough time with this.    Sometimes change is scary, but maybe looking for a new provider is the best thing for you.  It sounds like a ridiculous amount of pressure...  Refusing to cancel an appointment?  Hm....
It sounds like you have really thought it out.  This is one of those rare circumstances where I would say an ultrasound is a good idea.  Thank goodness for that doctor.   It's great your hubby has experience.  Trust your body and your instincts.  If you need help get it, but I bet you can do it.  I'm really looking forward to getting exactly the birth you want.   
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